Webinar: PDF + 2D barcodes = A Data Collection Winner!

by Carlos Gonzalez (w)

Webinar: PDF + 2D barcodes = A Data Collection Winner!

Do you use on-screen-fillable PDF forms, but need to print them after they’re filled out in order to collect the data? If so, you can make the process more efficient by embedding a 2D barcode in the form.

And we’re doing a webinar to cover it.

2D barcodes open a world of possibilities. 2D barcodes literally eliminate errors in paper forms data collection. That means you can forget about errors or false positives that are frequently produced when OCR is used. Not a bad start.

Thousands of organizations — from small departments to large companies and governments worldwide — are already reaping the benefits of using 2D barcodes in their paper forms data collection processes.

2D barcodes let you manage paper forms processes in both paper and digital worlds. They become a bridge that enables electronic processes, such as e-filing, to co-exist with analog documents processes, such as paper printing forms solutions.

The reality is, the paperless office is no closer to being a truism today than it was 15 years ago. Which is another reason to find out how 2D barcodes provide a solution for your process and your budget when you need the best of both the printed and digital worlds.

Note: This Webinar has Ended. To view the archive and learn more about the benefits of embedding 2D barcode in forms, click here.

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