Monthly Archives: February 2017

PDF Sign—the easy way to take your John (or Jane) Hancock digital

So you want to sign an electronic document and you’re gearing up to print it, sign it with pen, and then scan it back in. But wait! There’s a faster, easier, better way. One that won’t create a giant-sized file. ...

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The pitfalls of relying on decentralized PDF exporters and converters

There are literally hundreds of PDF exporters and converters out there. Of course, there’s the downloadable type, such as the Free Foxit PDF Reader. But there are also free online software versions, written by many different developers for the ...

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How the insurance industry uses PDF

It’s an understatement to say that the insurance industry relies on a lot of documents. After all, this is a business that’s primarily about services and agreements—taking the form of contracts, policy endorsements, no-loss statements, claims, and more. Much of ...

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