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Process Documents Faster

Process Documents Faster

Manage high volume paper-based documents efficiently and save more storage expense by going paperless. Law firms often have large amounts of scanned documents, which aren't searchable or accessible for employees. With Foxit PDF Compressor processing, scanned documents can be converted into searchable PDF documents and compressed into smaller files for optimal storage size and share-ability. Directly edit a PDF document without having to locate the original hard copy, and easily convert your files from PDF to word, image, and more.

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Foxit PDF Compressor

Create Court-Friendly Documents

Create Court-Friendly Documents

Electronic filing (e-filing) is a standard practice for a majority of courtrooms across the world. Many courts require documents to be submitted as a PDF, as it retains the original layout and ensures that people can see the same file. Foxit PDF Editor gives you the ability to easily generate PDFs, reduce the document size, and create a searchable document easily within the same program.

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Citizen Engagement and Personnel Self-Service

Protect Confidential Information

It is essential for law firms to ensure that their information is secure. Foxit PDF Editor allows you to redact any text or image permanently with easy-to-use redaction tools to ensure privacy for select information. Auto-search through pattern recognition gives users the ability to efficiently redact PDFs. When it comes to bulk processing, Foxit Rendition Server redacts thousands of documents quickly for enterprise-wide use.

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Foxit Rendition Server

Real-time, Secure Collaboration

Archive Outlook Emails

Foxit PDF Editor gives you the ability to create PDF files from the entire Microsoft Office suite while automatically keeping bookmarks, links, hyperlinks, and outlines from your source files. Easily archive and convert emails into a searchable PDF format directly from Outlook.

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Secure and Compliant

Document Automation

Easily turn any document into a digital form with Foxit PDF Editor. Convert numerous file types (Microsoft Word, Excel, non-interactive PDFs, and scanned paper documents) into a fillable PDF form. Sign off your forms by using your own digital signature, or use our integrated DocuSign plug-in.

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Data Collection from Paper Forms

Gain Readership Insight

Secure Collaboration

Keep track of where your PDF files are going and to whom. Foxit ConnectedPDF provides a simple way to grant or revoke permission to documents anytime and anywhere. You can share sensitive data with assurance, make edits in real-time with Connected Review, and watch everyone’s changes for enhanced efficiency. Document owners no longer need to set up complex trust mechanisms, and control their files independent of storage and transport.

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Free Download PDF: Whitepaper - Foxit ConnectedPDF

iManage, NetDocuments, and eDOCS Integration

iManage, NetDocuments, and eDOCS Integration

Foxit PDF Editor software comes with 12 document management system integrations, including iManage, NetDocuments, and eDOCS. iManage, NetDocuments, and eDOCS streamline workflow productivity and automate routines for legal professionals. These document management systems allow legal services to share documents efficiently within a single platform, while protecting critical client and corporate data. With Foxit PDF Editor’s integration, iManage, NetDocuments, and eDOCS users can directly edit their PDF documents with Foxit PDF Editor and share them on their preferred management system.

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Capture Field Data and Mobile Collaboration

Customer Training and Support

PDF software can be overwhelming at times, and our goal is to make sure our customers have the best resources at hand. Foxit PDF Editor has a help center integrated into the software to help you easily access the necessary tutorials and guides when needed.

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