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Acroforms vs. XFA Forms

by Carlos Gonzalez, Foxit Software Acroforms are the original PDF-based fillable forms, based on the PDF architecture. XFA forms are XML-based forms, wrapped inside a PDF. So, what’s the difference—and more importantly, which should you use? Let’s take a ...

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Webinar: PDF + 2D barcodes = A Data Collection Winner!

by Carlos Gonzalez (w) Do you use on-screen-fillable PDF forms, but need to print them after they’re filled out in order to collect the data? If so, you can make the process more efficient by embedding a 2D barcode in ...

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2-D Barcodes for Paper Forms — Say goodbye to errors in paper-forms processing

By Carlos Gonzalez, General Manager – Foxit’s Data Collection Business Unit Using 2D barcodes in Paper Forms Processing Today, many provide us with on-screen-fillable forms that you have to print after they’re filled out to enable data capture. The truth ...

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