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Foxit AI Assistant

The industry's best PDF AI Assistant. Chat with your PDF and simplify your day.

Experience the next generation of document management with Foxit's AI Assistant, your personal productivity partner designed to help teams achieve more with less effort.

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Summarize in seconds

Boost productivity by effortlessly condensing information to focus on key points. Foxit's AI assistant extracts important document details and creates concise summaries, allowing you to quickly grasp relevant concepts and identify important takeaways.
Summarize in seconds

One-click rewrites

Cut down on manual work and quickly rewrite documents with increased precision. Foxit's AI Assistant delivers one-click definitions, explanations, and rewording suggestions to make documents more engaging while retaining the original meaning.
One-click rewrites

Chat naturally, gain insight

Ask questions and get quick, in-depth answers, empowering you to make more informed decisions about your documents. Use Foxit's conversational AI Assistant to extract data and transform your PDF information.
Chat naturally, gain insight

Discover everything Foxit AI Assistant can do

Experience intuitive AI integration that increases productivity and document quality. The future of PDFs is more than smart; it's Foxit.

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Streamline IT processes

  • Automate repetitive manual tasks.
  • Spotlight content issues (with AI chat).
  • Simplify complex documents.

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Foxit AI Assistant


Discover the future of PDFs

The AI revolution is here and it's rapidly changing how we interact with and create digital documents. Check out what's hot and what's coming.

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See how AI is integrating with document technology

Read how CIOs are deploying AI across their teams to increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Foxit AI is powered by ChatGPT


AI built for all day use

Foxit AI is powered by ChatGPT, and designed to boost productivity and efficiency across digital document work flows. See what features you'll use all day.

Learn how AI can boost productivity by 61%

Forrester details the impact of AI on document solutions.

revolutionizing document workflows with AI

See how Foxit stacks up

Redefining your PDF experience with speed and innovation.

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