Integrate eSignatures Faster with the Foxit eSign API

  • Powerful integration for quick and easy eSignature management.
  • Leverage our API experts to accomplish world class solutions.
  • Reduce time to market and expand capabilities to accelerate your business.
Foxit eSign API

Benefits of Choosing Foxit eSign API

Implementing eSigning into any business workflow is made easier with Foxit eSign’s API. From easy and comprehensive development tech to expert developer support, see why more developers than ever are choosing Foxit for eSigning integration.

Easier Development

We make leveraging our API technology a snap with SDKs for C#, Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby, and PHP to allow for an easier integration journey for your whole team.

Cost Effective

We provide transparent, enterprise-ready API pricing that can scale with your business to meet your budgetary needs and support your company’s financial goals for growth and advancement.

Simplified and Legal Signing

By integrating legally binding eSigning into your applications, you can rest assured that you, your team, and your clients can confidently utilize digital signatures for anything and that they will always stand up in court.

Improved Customer Experience

Keep customers on your site or app with embedded signing for improved control and enhanced customer experience. Create a fluid, simple, and positive signing process from start to finish, all within your website and applications.

Better Developer Guides

We provide sample projects, demos, API docs, and more for every single feature in the eSign API to get you up to speed and signing quickly and effectively.


Expert Support

Foxit eSign’s team of solution engineers and eSign API experts will assist you throughout your proof-of-concept process, expanding integrations and deployment. Integration with our eSign API is fast, easy, and painless thanks to our team of expert developers offering live support.

eSign API Features

From collecting legally binding electronic signatures to embedding signing directly into your website or application, Foxit eSign offers the most feature rich API in the industry.

Document Preparation

  • Add signature fields and other field types using smart tags to automatically prepare documents.
  • Easily generate personalized documents on-demand using data from your CRM or other platforms.
  • Streamline signing by embedding Foxit eSign into your own applications for all-in-one signing.

Template Creation and Sending

  • Utilize a reusable template library to prepare commonly used documents for easy and time saving repeated use.
  • Ensure document consistency team-wide and support company processes by providing access to premade templates.

Webhook Automation

  • Trigger the next task after document completion, such as sending a separate document for completion, by using webhooks.
  • Use webhooks to send real-time data about your envelopes in a structured and practical manner to your desired programs.
  • Designate notifications for multiple channels at once and choose which notification types are sent. Plus, monitor individual channels through our Developer Portal.
  • Implement secure webhooks and ensure authenticity by using secret keys.

User Admin

  • Use API calls to implement effective user management and easily invite others to join your organization.
  • Utilize reports provided in a developer-friendly format to gather user information and display it on the app interface.
  • Become a Foxit eSign Partner to gain the ability to create, change, and reactivate eSignature licenses as needed autonomously.


  • Utilize our API playground to make real-time requests to our API and avoid having to call your backend.
  • Develop in a more simplified manner with our SDKs provided for .NET, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Typescript.
  • Download performance analyzing reports in both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Automatically and securely send signed, legally binding PDF documents to your personal file server for archival purposes.

And much more

Send documents from anywhere in seconds.

Send documents from anywhere in seconds

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Get contracts signed and documents completed.

Sign contracts and complete documents

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Manage signed documents, workflows, and reports.

Manage signed documents, workflows, and reports

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Store completed signed documents.

Store completed signed documents

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Enhance document security

Enhance document security

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Maintain industry and HIPAA compliance

Maintain industry and HIPAA compliance

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Use legal signatures practically anywhere

Use legal signatures practically anywhere

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Share document templates and collaborate with your team

Share document templates and collaborate with your team

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