The Superior Adobe Acrobat Alternative Solution

IT organizations are being asked do to more with less, as tight budgets get stretched ever tighter. Ask yourself a basic question: Can you get the same capabilities from an Adobe Acrobat alternative but at much lower cost? There are some compelling reasons for companies to consider Foxit PDF Editor as your Adobe Acrobat alternative solution.

Better value: Adobe Acrobat costs over 3 times more. With so many similar functions and uses at a much lower price, it's easy to see why Foxit PDF Editor is the best Adobe Acrobat alternative.

Cost effective upgrade: It's more economical to purchase Foxit PDF Editor than upgrade to the next version of Adobe Acrobat – making it the smart choice for Adobe Acrobat alternative.

Deploy to more users: With this Adobe Acrobat alternative, robust PDF capabilities can be deployed to more users on the same budget.

Faster: With Foxit PDF Editor, enduring long waits to open PDFs or downloading numerous updates are a thing of the past.

More lightweight: No bloatware here, this Adobe Acrobat alternative is easy to deploy without wasting valuable computing resources.

Standards-compliant: Foxit PDF Editor works with your existing PDFs. This makes replacing Adobe Acrobat very quick and easy.

More secure: If security is a concern, Foxit's Adobe Acrobat alternative offers better protection against security vulnerabilities.

Familiar user interface: Microsoft® Office style ribbon user interface makes transitioning users easy.

Better editing: Edit text and images like a professional, with word processing like capabilities.

Keeps sensitive data protected: The only Adobe Acrobat alternative that integrates with Microsoft® Active Directory Rights Managements Services and Azure Active Directory Rights Management.

Now there is a quality Adobe Acrobat alternative that you can trust. If you are looking for a solution that provides similar capabilities as Adobe Acrobat but for a price that you can afford, then you are in the right place. Now is the time to evaluate Foxit PDF Editor as your Adobe Acrobat alternative.


Foxit PDF Editor


Volume License

Foxit PDF Editor


Volume License

Adobe Acrobat


Adobe Acrobat


Create and Export PDF
Create industry standard PDF files from virtually all PC applications and the clipboard
Create PDF from multiple files with different file types, scanner, blank page
One-click PDF creation from IE, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox
One-step PDF creation from Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
Create tagged PDF when creating from Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Create PDFs from Microsoft® Project and Visio
Convert DWG-files into 3D PDF
Create PDF from templates
Create PDF blank portfolio, or portfolio from webpage, scanner, folders, clipboard, etc.
PDF/A, E, and X file validation
Convert PDF file to industry-standard PDF A/E/X
Convert PDF to Microsoft® Office, HTML and image formats
Convert PDF to RTF/TXT files, accessible text, and XML 1.0
Convert PDF to XPS
Save PDF to Google Drive as gDocs, gSlides, or gSheets
Export selected area to Microsoft® Office, RTF, XML and HTML formats
Append created PDF to an existing file
Edit PDF
Paragraph editing with automatic reflow and reformat
Add and delete text, edit text (font, alignment, bullets and numbering, etc.)
Move and resize paragraphs
Link and join text
Move, resize, rotate, flip, cut/copy and paste, and delete graphic and image objects
Add graphic and image objects
Advanced editing: Add shading object, edit graphic/shading/image objects, clipping effect, convert text to path, etc
Reflow editing
Add, edit, delete and manage document hyperlinks and bookmarks, custom actions for bookmarks and hyperlinks, such as opening a file, playing a sound, going to a web page, etc.
Export and import bookmarks
Add, edit and delete Cross Reference Links
Recognize and remove web links
Add, edit, delete and manage image, drawing and multimedia annotations
Create named positions
Add a U3D or PRC 3D object
Move, delete, or resize the 3D canvas
Comment and measurement on 3D objects
Search and replace
Run spell-check on entire document and correct typos
Add, edit, delete and manage headers and footers, backgrounds, and watermarks on a single PDF file or in batch
Bates Numbering
Manage pages in a document (insert, delete, extract, move, swap, interleaving, duplicate, replace, split, rotate, resize and crop pages)
No interleaving, swap, resize
No interleaving, swap, resize
Reverse the page order in a few steps
Merge multiple files into a single PDF document
Rearrange pages based on the order of the bookmarks
Insert pages of the current PDF into other files
Define a navigational path for articles in PDF that span multiple columns and/or across several pages
PDF optimizer
Import as Layer/Merge Layers/Flatten Layers/Edit Layer Properties
Edit portfolios
Action wizard
Accounting Calculator to quickly record calculations in a existing PDF file
eSign PDF
Sign documents with Foxit legally-binding electronic signature service
(Requires separate Foxit eSign purchase)
(Requires separate Foxit eSign purchase)
Initiate signature request for a Foxit eSign workflow
(Requires separate Foxit eSign purchase)
(Requires separate Foxit eSign purchase)
Check document signing status in a Foxit eSign workflow
(Requires separate Foxit eSign purchase)
(Requires separate Foxit eSign purchase)
Collaborate and Share PDF
Add, manage, view and navigate document comments with familiar comment/markup tools (notes, text boxes, callouts, highlight, underline, strikeout, squiggly, cross-out, typewriter, Stamps, etc. ) and drawing tools (comment tools including lines, rectangles, pencil, oval, polygon, cloudy, arrow)
Initiate a Shared Review to include Foxit PDF Editor and Foxit PDF Reader users through email, a network folder, or a SharePoint workspace
Track documents that have been shared for review
Search and highlight the searched words
Only Search
Only Search
Measuring tool for distance, perimeter and area measuring
Attach a file as a comment
Organize and manage a library of stamps
Import/Export comments data and summarize comments
Export highlighted text
Area highlight
Evernote Integration
Integrates with ECM systems and cloud services, including SharePoint, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox
Integrates with ECM systems and cloud services, including Epona DMSforLegal, ndOffice, iManage, Alfresco, ShareFile, Enterprise Connect, Worldox, eDOCS DM, Documentum, Egnyte
Scan and OCR PDF
Scan to create new PDF
Scan to insert into existing PDF
Convert scanned/image-based PDFs to searchable or editable documents
Find OCR suspects and mark them as Not Text or edit the recognition results in batch
no in batch
no in batch
Scan presets
Scan to Save Multiple Files
Fill and design PDF Forms
Form field recognition and form designer assistant (text fields, buttons, drop-down lists, check boxes, radio buttons, barcode, date, image and digital signature fields)
Fill in and save forms, including XFA form
Digitally sign Acro forms and XFA forms
Page template
Edit static XFA form
Import/Export form data, reset form fields
Combine form data (in pdf, ppdf, fdf, xfdf and xml format) to a CSV file
JavaScript support
Intelligently detect the area to be filled in flat form
Auto-completion support
Protect and Sign PDF
Removes undesired information from your document before publishing, like metadata, comments, hidden data from previous saves, hidden layers, overlapping objects, and more
Add, edit, delete and manage password/certification secure encryption and permission controls to PDF files
Quick PDF Sign using your handwritten signature or an image of your signatures
Place ink signature on multiple pages in the same position
Send, sign and save PDF documents using DocuSign, the industry's most widely used eSignature solution
Add, edit, delete and manage security policies
Add, edit, delete and manage digital signatures to PDF files
Customize the logo of digital signature
Place digital signature on multiple files in batch
Add trusted time stamps to digital signatures or documents
Support the verification of the European Union Trusted List digital signatures
Certify document and set permitted actions after certifying
Permanently remove content from documents using redaction
Customize a profile that specifies the text strings you want to search and redact
Mark partial words for redactions after search
Use the Whiteout feature to apply redaction with one-click to simply and securely erase any content to white background
RMS redaction in Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
Microsoft® Active Directory Rights Management Services Decryption
Microsoft® Active Directory Rights Management Services Encryption on a single file or in batch
Insert dynamic security watermarks in AD RMS protected files
Log the usage of RMS secured document such as opening, printing, editing
Classify and protect with labels in Microsoft® Azure Information Protection (AIP)
Microsoft® Windows Information Protection (WIP) Support
Safe mode to control unauthorized actions and data transmissions
View and Print PDF
Multi-tab viewing PDF documents
View and navigate page thumbnails, bookmarks
Reflow view
Ruler, Guides, Grids to help positioning objects in the PDF
Text viewer, Magnifier
Line Weights and Toggle Ruler to help viewing PDF
only Line Weights
only Line Weights
Read out loud
Side-by-side document comparisons
View documents in Horizontal or Vertical tab groups
View and do more with PDF portfolios
Display PRC type of 3D documents
Search including bookmarks and comments
Search in all opened PDFs
Allows the Windows indexing service and other Windows search technologies to index PDF files
Create and search a full-text index
Print PDF documents and forms
Print pages from selected bookmark(s)
Print with comments for efficient review
Touch screen support
Allows users to create new tabs or customize current tabs in a ribbon based toolbar
Accessibility full check and check report
Fix failed parts after accessibility check
Touch up reading order to add and edit tag
Autotag document and tag report