Monthly Archives: June 2020

Use PhantomPDF to Navigate PDFs With Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether or not you work regularly with PDFs, it’s always good to know a few keyboard shortcuts. Once you become familiar with these helpful little tricks on Foxit PhantomPDF, they’ll speed up your PDF workflow. And who doesn’t like ...

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How to Use Foxit Admin Console: An Overview

The Foxit Admin Console is a web-based portal that allows IT administrators to better manage their Foxit licenses on-premises or on a Foxit-hosted cloud. If you’re an IT administrator, here are some of the main features included in the Foxit ...

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Foxit PDF Solution for Education – Undergo Digital Transformation and Enhance Efficiency Across Campus

Uncover the Powerful Features of PDF Technology for Education Today, digital transformation has taken the education sector by a storm. New technology practices have shown a definite increase in both workplace productivity and learning efficiency in schools worldwide. Every school ...

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