Monthly Archives: October 2017

How to do a shared review with ConnectedPDF Connected Review

by Scott Nguyen, Integrated Sales and Support With ConnectedPDF technology in PhantomPDF, you can do a lot of things, not the least of which is real-time document collaboration with Connected Review. This lets you coordinate your comments and keep up-to-date ...

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ZUGFeRD – the electronic invoicing standard sweeping across Europe

This might be the first time you’ve heard the word ZUGFeRD, but those working with the European market probably already know of it. ZUGFeRD, standing for the Central User Guide for Electronic Invoicing in Germany, was developed to add long-needed ...

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The evolution from e-filing to e-briefing in the appellate court

A change has taken place in our nation’s appellate courts when it comes to how documents are filed and read. Electronic filing or “e-filing” is now required in all federal courts and many state courts. Though there are still dramatic ...

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