Key Ways that Foxit can help IT be more productive

Key Ways that Foxit can help IT be more productive

Your IT team has a lot on its plate. Research shows that IT is focused on a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • Security Initiatives. Your IT team is continually guarding against coworkers who use insecure password formats, such as their name or “password123”. As easy as this is for employees to handle appropriately, IT must be forever on their guard. That includes implementing processes and programs strengthening network security to prevent data leaks, and implementing single sign-on to reduce the proliferation of weak passwords.
  • Securing Data Leaks. Your IT team is working to implement safer data encryption and expanding data governance efforts to include compliance monitoring.
  • Tackling Cloud Migration. In addition to disaster recovery, data backup and storage are other areas IT experts are considering as candidates for cloud migration.
  • Global BYOD Strategy. It starts with managing devices from the cloud. From establishing rules and policies to ruling out BYOD, IT experts are aggressive about the leading cause of shadow IT—meaning, employees and teams who are building and using their own information-technology systems and solutions inside your organization without explicit organizational approval.

So it’s not a far cry to look to PDF solutions as a way to alleviate IT headaches. That’s because standardizing on a PDF solution helps remove obstacles from IT. It also provides streamlined, secure alternatives to any shadow IT operations for document conversion and formatting. Here’s how it can help you and your IT team:

  1. Standardizing means automatic software updates. With a standard solution such as Foxit PDF Editor in place, there’s no need for your IT team to keep up with PDF software updates. Subscribing to Foxit does it automatically for you. You get updates as they happen. That saves your IT team from having to rollout updates throughout the organization.
  2. Helps secure your documents. Standardizing on a well-developed PDF solution protects your PDFs from attacks, which makes your organization more secure, which translates into fewer vulnerabilities your IT team needs to address. You can protect PDF using information rights management (IRM) security, dynamic watermarks and redaction. Encrypt your PDF documents with password protection that locks them down from prying eyes. Plus, quick and easy signing of PDF documents helps guarantee their authenticity. All this serves to protect the contents of your PDFs from being exploited, which is one less problem on your IT team’s list.
  3. Lighter footprint. The less resource-intensive your software, the better it is for your IT team. The fact is, many IT professionals prefer Foxit PDF Reader because it’s fast and lightweight. They often choose Foxit over the alternatives. So why not consider it for the whole company?

When it comes to helping IT focus on their objectives and overcome very-real obstacles such as manual rollouts and lack of security features for document sharing, every initiative helps.

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