Monthly Archives: January 2020

How to optimize scans

You have a nicely laid out document, complete with images, color, fonts and information, of course. Not surprisingly, after you scan it, the file size can get pretty large, making it harder to upload or email. There are two ways ...

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Take the Time and Pain out of Business Processes with RPA

Automation plays a crucial role in our society today. The main purpose of automation is to simplify processes that are both repetitive and time-consuming to do manually. An everyday example of automation is your household washing machine, which greatly speeds ...

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How to merge or create PDFs with existing docs

Reorganizing PDF documents is a frequently used workflow, especially in a paperless office. It’s pretty common to find yourself having to modify existing PDFs or create new PDFs from pages of existing documents. Let’s explore Foxit PhantomPDF’s page organizational ...

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