Make Viewing Customer Forms and Documents More Convenient

Manage Documents for Claims and Policies Effectively

Convert different file types such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, email, and docs to PDF and standardize your document file type for easy document management. Make your documents text searchable with OCR technology and retrieve client information faster. Create, convert, comment, organize, and sign digital documents all within a single platform with Foxit PDF Editor.

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Save Time Processing Hardcopy Forms

Save Time Processing Hard Copy Forms

Reduce the amount of human intervention associated with collecting data from fillable forms and uploading it to your database. Foxit PDF Editor supports 2D barcodes for forms integrated with Ultraforms technology, making it simple for form data to be scanned, captured, and extracted. Create interactive form fields from electronic documents automatically, make custom form fields and assign restrictions to their forms.

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Track and Locate Previous Versions of Documents

Track and Locate Previous Versions of Documents

Improve your ability to find legacy versions of important policies or claims without complex and expensive management software. Foxit ConnectedPDF enables you to locate PDFs intuitively from within your PDF editor, make edits in real-time, and watch everyone’s changes for enhanced efficiency. Know exactly where your PDF documents are going and to whom.

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Give Everyone Peace of Mind

Reduce Risk by Protecting Confidential Information

Securely sign and password protect your documents to reduce risk of fraudulent documents. Restrict user settings from outside sources and prevent digital documents from being edited or printed unless authorized. Use powerful redaction tools to permanently remove confidential client information from your documents such as names, addresses, social security numbers, and account numbers.

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Grant Employees Access to Affordable PDF Solutions

Document Automation for Archiving

Foxit PDF Compressor provides a server-based solution that will automatically take your documents whether it’s coming from a scanner or from email, and convert different file types while compressing them to reduce the size. Save not only on paper storage costs, but also on digital storage cost by compressing your documents. Modernize your information storage by archiving documents, regardless of their native file types, into a single format.

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Lower the Costs of Archiving Vital Documents

Integrate PDF Technology Into Insurance Applications

Foxit SDK provides powerful PDF technology with an easy to integrate API for your insurance agency. With our PDF integration, you can plug form data into your database, ensure the utmost security for your client information, and allow collaboration across teams to create contracts that comply with IDD.

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