Improve Document-Driven Business Processes for Healthcare and Life Science Industry with our Software

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Sign Documents Electronically with Foxit eSign
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Today's most Powerful and affordable PDF solution

Today‘s most Powerful and Affordable PDF Solution

  • Increased medical document security
  • Better patient experience and improved care coordination
  • Reduced revenue losses with accelerated billing and claims processing
  • Improved Internal productivity
  • Stronger payer-provider engagement
  • Faster go-to-market for the life sciences industry
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Faster onboarding of healthcare staff

Features Overview


Password Protection and Redaction

Boost the security of your medical documents

Meet the HIPAA standards by locking the medical documents with stringent data protection and encryption standards. Automatically detect and redact PII and sensitive data.

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Create professional-looking medical forms and docs

Foxit PDF Editor provides the ability to quickly generate legible and error-free medical and insurance pdf forms, reduce the document size, and create a searchable document within the same program. Thereby reducing the time required to half.

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Digitize Medical Form Submission


Go paperless. Save time with digital form submissions

Foxit PDF Editor converts numerous file types (Microsoft Word, Excel, non- interactive PDFs, and even scanned paper documents) to fillable forms so that the data is extracted and sent to backend databases. Foxit Ultraforms can also collect data entered into form fields but compresses the data into machine- readable two- dimensional (2D) barcodes. When these barcodes are scanned, the data is transferred from the paper form into the data collection system.

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eSign Healthcare Documents

Create Foxit eSign Account

Foxit PDF Editors integration with Foxit eSign allows users to create their own Foxit eSign account from within the PDF Editor desktop application.

Electronically Self-Sign Document

A Foxit eSign user can sign a PDF with an eSignature within the PDF Editor UI on an ad hoc basis, similar to Ink-Signatures, but with the legal validity of an eSignature (does not require separate Foxit eSign purchase).

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Collect Signatures and Manage Workflow

From within Foxit PDF Editor, a user with a Foxit eSign account can collect a signature on a PDF document from two or more individuals, digitally track progress, and the signature process is managed in a workflow (does not require separate Foxit eSign purchase).

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Annotate and Comment

Encourage document review and collaboration

Whether it's checking patient cards or working with medical research, knowledge workers need to provide feedback. Sharing of information via Annotation or comments on the various healthcare documents is commonly observed to reinforce collaboration within a healthcare organization.

Using Foxit PDF Editor's Annotate and Comment feature and the Shared review feature, collaboration and document review has become more comfortable and faster.

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Retain and Archive

Scan and locate healthcare docs easily

HIPAA requires healthcare organizations to retain records for six years from the date of creation or the document's date last in effect.

Some states and other agencies may need records to be retained for a more extended period. To do this, healthcare organizations usually OCR to make sure documents can be searched and retrieved. A PDF format called PDF/A (A for archiving) is used for long-term preservation.

Foxit has an enterprise automation solution called PDF compressor that handles mass quantities of documents for archiving.

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Systems Integration

Stay organized with systems integration

Foxit’s PDF Editor integrates with other content management systems and cloud storage services like SharePoint and Microsoft Azure. In products such as Microsoft Outlook and Word, PDF editing capabilities are available right in the application.

Foxit PDF Editor gives you the ability to create PDF files from the entire Microsoft Office suite while automatically keeping bookmarks, links, hyperlinks, and outlines from your source files. Easily archive and convert emails into a searchable PDF format directly from Outlook.

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Stay Section 508 compliant for users with disabilities

The Healthcare industry has a constant requirement for paperwork and document processing. The federal law requires medical providers and hospitals to provide clients with visual or reading disabilities an alternative to standard print documents under Section 1557 of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA).

Foxit PDF Editor allows you to generate accessible PDF documents that are Section 508 compliant for users with visual or hearing impairments, mobility impairments, or other types of disabilities. Foxit PDF Compressor and Rendition Server support large-scale scanning and conversion, while automatically making them more accessible.

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Sign Documents Electronically with Foxit eSign

Improve Document-Driven Business Processes for Healthcare and Life Science Industry with our Software

FREE TRIAL Save on Volume Licenses