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Foxit Volume Automation
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  • PDF

A server solution that provides businesses with automated, high-volume document to PDF conversion, compression, and optimization for both image documents and born-digital files.

  • 100% accurate born-digital to PDF conversion.
  • Faster document conversion with unattended processing and touchless automation features.
  • Integrated OCR technology allows full text searching for all scanned documents converted to PDF and PDF/A files.
  • Auto-tagging on unstructured documents to create more accessible PDFs.
  • Cut download time in half and reduce storage costs by over 50% with industry-leading document compression technology.
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  • Document

A fully scalable web services platform that integrates high-throughput document conversion across your enterprise IT systems.

  • Improve customer experience with faster document processes.
  • Break down document process silos with a central conversion web service that operates on-premise.
  • Integrate into your ECM, CRM, ERP, or other systems easily using SOAP, REST, and open interfaces.
  • File conversion into PDF or PDF/A for standardization, compliance, and long-term archiving.
  • Redaction, auto-tagging, compression, and optimization powered by in-house PDF expertise.
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  • Maestro
    Server OCR

Highly accurate OCR server software designed to automate high volume conversion of scanned paper and image documents to searchable PDF.

  • Highly accurate OCR designed for enterprise document scanning, archiving, and digitization.
  • Minimize manual processing costs with watch folder mode for touchless, automated OCR.
  • Batch OCR and multi-threading for rapid, high-volume processing.
  • Robust OCR functionality including confidence reports, and multiple voting engines.
  • Control output generated in 13 different formats including PDF & PDF/A.
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  • PDF Optimization

Efficient, automated born-digital document processing and expanded input file type support for OpenText Captiva. Integrated directly into the Captiva GUI since 2004.

  • 3x faster document processes with born-digital auto-detection.
  • Minimize exception handling costs by expanding support for more input file types inside Captiva.
  • 100% accurate born-digital capture with efficient text layer handling.
  • Over 50% lower storage costs for mixed content repositories with document compression.
  • Direct integration into the Captiva workflow for rapid user adoption.
  • Expanded input file type support for OpenText Captiva.
  • Captiva GUI integration since 2004.
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