Monthly Archives: March 2017

What is PDF/A validation and why does your archive need it?

If you’re creating documents containing business information that has long-term relevance and/or you’re creating an archive that users may access way down the line, you want to ensure those PDF files will be usable. Since PDF is regulated by an ...

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Is TIFF good enough?

If you’re still archiving documents using TIFF, read this Time was, TIFF was considered a great format for archiving. After all, it’s a ‘de facto’ or often used format and can offer quality when saved as very large digital master ...

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How to get started with ConnectedPDF technology

by Brian Duddy, Product Engineer PhantomPDF comes with ConnectedPDF, a breakthrough that ushers in a new era in document management and security. With ConnectedPDF  technology in PhantomPDF, you can: Prevent prying eyes. Sent something to the wrong person? ...

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