Webinar: All input formats to PDF/A

Webinar: All input formats to PDF/A

Eliminate your PDF stress by letting us show you how archiving with PDF/A is done – watch now!

Whether you work in a business or public institution, you face a similar daily challenge: receiving incoming documents in a wide range of formats that you need to efficiently process and then securely archive.

That’s especially true when dealing with Microsoft Office files, emails, scanned paper, PDFs and even diagrams and sketches.

Let the experts at LuraTech, a Foxit company, help you take advantage of the PDF/A format for efficient long-term archiving. PDF/A is not only the ISO standard, it’s the de facto standard according to a number of laws and guidelines that recommend its use. This includes German guidelines on orderly management and storage of books, diagrams and documents in digital format and on access to data (GoBD principles, introduced late 2014).

As a standardized ISO format, PDF/A can help

PDF/A excels at helping you consolidate all incoming document types into a simple, digital format suitable for long-term storage and use. More than 10 years after its adoption, the PDF/A standard has led to a number of best practices which we’ll demonstrate in the webinar, which you can watch now. And we’ll also cover the opportunities to display documents more elegantly and efficiently, offered by PDF/A-3.
You’ll get a brief introduction to PDF/A, the ISO standard for long-term document archiving. We’ll present PDF/A’s benefits as well as its wide range of applications, including its utility for both scanned and digital documents.

You’ll discover practical, straightforward examples of the PDF Compressor’s usage
We’ll explore all areas of application of PDF Compressor, from scanned documents to emails and digital invoices in compliance with ZUGFeRD.

So view this beneficial overview of PDF/A. We look forward to responding to your questions and comments!

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