A solution that offers simple, centralized, scalable business-wide document processing

By Lilli Herz, Sales Assistant of Foxit Europe

A solution that offers simple, centralized, scalable business-wide document processing

Is your business using a variety of different PDF tools, applications and processes to create documents? Are you getting a bunch of different results that are dependent upon the combination of tools you use? Are your PDF tools difficult to use and maintain—or worse, not maintained at all?

If that’s the case, consider taking a look at handling those processes at the enterprise level using an enterprise-wide tool like Rendition Server. Here are a few more scenarios in which it can help:

  • Your organization has a difficult—or even impossible—time setting up and adhering to a set of business-wide standards in areas such as PDF/A compliance, corporate identity, accessibility, following corporate or government standards, etc.
  • Your organization suddenly has to process huge quantities of data, , each with their own different service level agreements (SLAs), from across many business departments all at one time
  • You have specialist PDF-based requirements, such as ZUGFeRD, archiving emails with attachments, etc.
  • You need to integrate other third-party PDF format converters or in-house platforms

Rendition Server—the answer to enterprise-level document conversion

Using Rendition Server, you’ll find the process of converting documents to PDF reaches a level of quality and reliability that makes sense at the enterprise level. That’s because this platform replaces whatever existing ad-hoc approach your organization may be using if it involves numerous decentralized PDF exporters and converters from different developers—which invariable means varying service conditions and quality levels.

Rendition Server handles PDF creation for conversion tasks from all IT systems and applications so it’s literally a one-stop shop. This standardization means that it also implements compliance requirements uniformly, which makes your results trackable and reproducible. Conversion is no longer something that happens “somehow, somewhere.” You handle it in a systematic  on a centralized Rendition Server that can scale across your enterprise, converting all documents to PDF and PDF/A.

Easy to integrate and expand

Rendition Server is web-service based, so it gives you platform-independent client-server communication as a service. That means your organization gets an easy-to-use interface that can be accessed on any device, anywhere users do their work. Foxit conversion technology reaches out into even the most remote corners of your business’ IT systems, empowering server systems, desktop applications, and mobile apps.

What’s more, Rendition Server is expandable because, in addition to the built-in converters, it provides you with a .NET plugin interface that allows you to effortlessly integrate third-party converters or your own solutions into the Foxit flow. This means, for example, that you can even convert legacy formats into high-quality PDFs for current use and searchable archiving.

If your enterprise is ready to move to consistent, flexible, scalable document processing in every department, look into Rendition Server. The best way to get more information? Watch our webinar.

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