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PDF Association invites you to share your vision for electronic document technology

Think you’ve got what it takes to present at the Electronic Document Conference 2019? Then the PDF Association wants to hear from you. This year, they’re hosting a conference inviting professionals who are using, developing and/or evaluating electronic document ...

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Webinar: All input formats to PDF/A

Eliminate your PDF stress by letting us show you how archiving with PDF/A is done – watch now! Whether you work in a business or public institution, you face a similar daily challenge: receiving incoming documents in a wide range ...

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Safe and secure long-term archiving of e-mails as PDF/A

Forty-five years ago when the first e-mail was sent, few could have predicted how overwhelmingly essential this electronic exchange of information would become. Now, whether for practical or legal requirements, millions, if not billions, of emails must be stored in ...

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