How to share reusable templates with Foxit Sign

Foxit eSign enables you to create templates for forms and documents that require signatures, such as contract, purchase orders, etc., and use them repeatedly.

The best part? You can build a process that automatically enforces who needs to do what with your PDF document when, including filling in fields and signing.

Creating a reusable template means your preferences are saved and you can rely on the template any time to collect the data you need from the standardized fields you create.

Once you’ve created a reusable template, you’ll probably want to share it with others, such as members of your department. That way, everyone gets the benefits.

Here’s how to share reusable templates with Foxit Sign:

In Foxit Sign, you can start by creating a template or use a draft you’ve already created.

To create a template from scratch, follow the instructions in How to Create PDF Document Templates for eSigning.

To use an existing template, click Templates in the navigation at the top. Put a checkmark in the box by the template you’d like to use. Next, click Share Templates in the top navigation.

Here, you’ll be given the option to Create a new library or Add to my shared library. Since you have no shared libraries yet, click Create a new library. Type in the name you’d like to use in the Library Name option.

Now, you’ll need to select people with whom you’ll share this template. To do so, click the Add users to this library icon on the right. In the box that opens, simply add the user or users you’re giving access to this template and click Share. After typing in each user’s email address, click Add.

Now anyone you’ve shared the reusable template with can access and use it to ensure the signing process goes smoothly while they save time, just like you.

For more details, check out our tutorial video here.

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