How to change the format of page numbering in PDF

Foxit PDF editor

This article will tell you how to change the format of page numbering in PDF with Foxit PDF Editor.

If your PDF file contains front matter likes document cover and copyright page, the page numbers on the document pages (i.e. the printed page number) may not start from the document cover but from the body pages. You may need to synchronize the page numbers displayed below the page thumbnails in PDF viewers with the printed page numbers. The application enables users to change the format of page numbering displayed in PDF viewers to meet different needs.

To change the format of page numbering, please do as below:

1.         Click Organize > Format Page Numbers. Or right-click a page thumbnail and select Format Page Numbers….

2.         In the Page Numbers dialog box, specify a range of pages you want to number and set the style of page number and the number you want to start at. You can also add a prefix to the number, like adding a letter “P” before the number. You can preview the result in the Sample at the bottom of the dialog box.

3.         If you need to continue the numbering sequence from previous pages without interruption, please check Extend numbering used in preceding section to selected pages.

4.         Click OK to finish.

Note: Make sure the Use logical page numbers option is enabled in File > Preferences > Page display to display the customized page numbering.

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