6 Things You Didn’t Know Foxit PDF Editor Pro + Can Do

Foxit PDF Editor Pro +
Foxit PDF Editor Pro +

In today’s business world, digital PDF documents and electronic signatures are becoming increasingly essential. Solutions like Foxit’s PDF Editor Pro + makes it easy to generate, edit, and share PDF documents in comprehensive methods that easily flow with individualized company practices.

But did you know that Foxit PDF Editor Pro + is a powerful tool that can additionally be used for a variety of different tasks related to PDF editing? Below, we will look at 6 things you might not know that Foxit Editor Pro + could do.

1. Foxit PDF Editor Pro + Can Help You Easily Fill Out PDF Forms

Foxit PDF Editor Pro + makes it easy to fill out and complete PDF forms sent to you by other parties. You can simply click on the field you want to fill out and enter your information. No more struggling with printouts or scanned copies of forms!

2. Foxit PDF Editor Pro + Can be Used to Create Electronic Signatures to Sign Documents Electronically

Foxit PDF Editor Pro + makes it easy to create electronic signatures to complete legally binding PDF documents using Foxit eSign technology. Simply click on the field you want to sign and enter your information. Your signature will be securely stored and can be used to sign documents electronically. Additionally, PDF documents can also be sent to recipients for quick, easy, and secure signing.

3. Foxit PDF Editor Pro + Can be Used to Annotate PDF Documents

Foxit PDF Editor Pro + makes it easy to annotate PDF documents. Simply click on the text or image you want to annotate and enter your comments. Your annotations will be securely stored and can be shared with others.

4. Foxit PDF Editor Pro + Can be Used to Convert PDF Documents to Other Formats

Foxit PDF Editor Pro + makes it easy to convert PDF documents to other formats, such as PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, and PDF to PPT. Simply click on the “Convert PDF” button and select the format you want to convert to. Your PDF will be converted and can then be shared with others in the format needed for each situation.

5. Foxit PDF Editor Pro + Can be Used to Password Protect PDF Documents to Keep them Secure

Foxit PDF Editor Pro + can be used to password protect PDF documents to keep them secure. This feature is useful for preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information or for ensuring that confidential data is not tampered with. Foxit’s security features are robust and user-friendly, making it an ideal solution for protecting and securing sensitive documents and information.

6. Complete Everything on the Go!

Did you know that you can do everything above and more from anywhere and on practically any device with Foxit’s PDF Editor for Mobile? You, your team, and your clients are no longer limited to completing important documents in the office – simply download the app from the app store and easily create PDFs, sign contracts, and more!

4 thoughts on “6 Things You Didn’t Know Foxit PDF Editor Pro + Can Do

  1. Mary Jane TacderanMary Jane Tacderan

    Can you please help me where I can find the password for documents that are sent that is password sensitive?
    Is there a way to disable that?
    I really don’t know what my password is.
    Please help

    Also, do you still sell Docusign as part of the package?

    1. KarolinKarolin

      Hi Mary, when opening a password protected document a pop-up window will open asking for the password.

      To remove password and security settings from a PDF file, you must have the permissions to do so.

      1. Open a PDF file, and choose either way of the following to remove password and security settings.

      Choose Protect > Secure Document > Remove Security.
      Choose Protect > Secure Document > Security Properties, or choose File > Properties. In the Security tab of the Document Properties dialog box, choose No Protection from Security Method menu.

      2. A Foxit Security message box will prompt to ask whether you are sure to remove security from this document.

      We recommend using Foxit eSign which is directly integrated with Foxit PDF Editor. Foxit eSign provides electronic document signing and management. You can find more information here: https://www.foxit.com/esign-pdf/ You can buy it separately or bundled with Foxit PDF Editor Pro, PDF Editor Mobile, and Foxit PDf Editor Cloud. This bundle is called Foxit PDF Editor Pro +, and we currently have a year-end special for $99 for the first 12 months.
      We also still provide a Docu Sign plugin. Please find more information on the Docu Sign plugin here: https://kb.foxit.com/hc/en-us/articles/4410103393044-How-to-obtain-DocuSign-plugin-


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