Add Checkmark to PDF

Add Checkmark to PDF
Add Checkmark to PDF

If you want to add a checkmark to your PDF file, there are several ways to do it:

1. Use the Add Check Mark tool

This step depends upon which version of Foxit PDF Reader or Foxit PDF Editor you have:

In Foxit PDF Editor V11.1 and earlier versions and Foxit PDF Reader V11.0 and higher versions, select the Add Check Mark Tool from the Fill & Sign feature.

In Foxit PDF Editor V11.2.0, go to Protect Foxit eSign to activate the “Foxit eSign” tab. Once activated, you’ll see the Add Check Mark tool there.

In Foxit PDF Editor V11.2.1 and above versions, go to the Foxit eSign tab to select the Add Check Mark Tool (or select the Add Check Mark Tool from the Fill & Sign feature).

  • Click the desired location where you want to add the check mark.
  • Click the Hand tool or press ESC to exit editing mode.

2. Use the Windings 2 Font

  • In Foxit PDF Reader or Foxit PDF Editor, choose the Typewrite tool, then click anywhere on the page.
  • From the drop-down font list, choose Windings 2.
  • Hold down SHIFT keypad on the keyboard, and press p.

3. Use the Check Box command in the Form tab

  • In Foxit PDF Editor, go to the Form tab, and choose Check Box.
  • Click to drag a check box on the page.
  • Click on the Hand tool or press ESC to exit editing mode.
  • Click on the check box to add a check mark.

4. Use the keyboard shortcut

  • In Foxit PDF Reader/Editor, choose the Typewriter tool under the Comment tab.
  • Hold down the ALT key on your keyboard, and type 41420 on the numeric keypad.

Note: In Windows, the shortcut for the tick mark is ALT+41420.

5. Use the Windows Character Map

  • Press Win+R buttons on your keyboard to open the Run… dialog box.
  • Type charmap, and then click OK.
  • Find, select and copy the check mark, and then paste it onto the PDF page with Typewriter.

Once you’re satisfied, click on another section of the document and you’ll be left with the checkmark placed in the PDF document where you put it. 

10 thoughts on “Add Checkmark to PDF

  1. Robert ReeseRobert Reese

    You Tackie’s are losing sight of the fact that there are users of Foxit who don’t understand your technical language. I have no idea of what a check mark is or what it is used for. You are making the assumption that everyone knows what it is all about which is a mistake on your part. The first thing you should assume is that your audience is unaware of the subject matter you wish to discuss and get down to basics.

    1. KarolinKarolin

      Hi Claire, I think for the check mark tool changing the color is not possible. But I would recommend you to talk to our support team. When using the 2) in the article “Using the Windings 2 Font” you can change the color by clicking on the color field under text style. When using the check box command in the form tab you can also change the color by right-clicking in the check box, choosing Properties, and then Appearance and Text Color.

  2. RichardRichard

    You need to do a couple of things to make the construction of a form easier to do.
    1. Presently, all check mark boxes need to be drawn free form. You need to be able to copy and paste a check box so they are all a uniform size. Adobe has this feature.

    2. You need to add gridlines in the “View” tab to allow one to align the check boxes so they don’t look so unaligned or scattered.

  3. Lawrence ProulxLawrence Proulx

    What I need is to know how to quickly flip through a document to see all my checkmarks. I don’t want to have to call up every page to see if there’s a checkmark or not.

    1. KarolinKarolin

      Hi Lawrence,
      In Foxit PDF Editor, you can use the Thumbnail panel to quickly flip through a document and see all the checkmarks without having to call up every page individually. Here’s how you can do it:

      1. Open the PDF document in Foxit PDF Editor.
      2. Go to the “View” tab in the top menu.
      3. Click on the “Thumbnail” button in the “Show/Hide” group. This will open the Thumbnail panel on the left side of the application.
      4. The Thumbnail panel will display a small preview of each page in the document.
      5. Scroll through the Thumbnail panel to quickly navigate through the pages.
      6. Look for the checkmark icons in the Thumbnail panel. If a page has a checkmark, you will see a small checkmark icon overlaid on the page thumbnail.
      7. Click on a page thumbnail in the Thumbnail panel to jump directly to that page.

      By using the Thumbnail panel, you can easily flip through the document and visually identify pages with checkmarks without having to open each page individually.


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