Best ways to save your PDF files using Foxit PDF Editor

Best ways to save PDF files
save files

Saving files can be as simple as clicking the disk icon or using CTRL + S. Yet something as simple as saving a PDF file in Foxit PDF Editor gives you a lot more options that are worth considering.

For time savings, efficiency’s sake, and peace of mind, consider the following to augment your PDF file-saving regimen.

save files setting
save setting

Save Settings

These settings enable you to customize where, how, and how often you save files:

  • Automatically save file every X minutes: You can choose how often Foxit PDF Editor saves the document and let the program do it automatically. That’s helpful if you’re working on a complex PDF, making a lot of changes, or simply concerned that you’ll forget to save often enough.
  • Save As optimizes for Fast Web View: Save documents as linearized PDFs that can be opened and viewed from web browsers even before the whole file is downloaded.

A linearized PDF file is a type of PDF file format that makes viewing faster over the internet. Linearized PDF files have information that enables a streaming server to download the PDF file one page at a time to speed up viewing.

  • Automatically embed fonts whenever text is updated and saved: With this option selected, the text characters that you use in the document will be embedded into it automatically. Embedding fonts allows anyone who opens your file to see the document as you intended it to be seen because they’ll have the fonts you used in it. That’s very helpful if they’re uncommon fonts and/or you want to ensure that your layout is preserved. (Keep in mind, of course, that embedding fonts also increases the file size. You’ll want to be mindful of how large your PDF files become.)

Preferred Save As Location

If you configure a preferred Save As location, the location you’ve set will be automatically chosen in the Save As dialog box when you’re prompted to specify a location to save a document.

You may want to set a cloud storage service if you store documents in the cloud for sharing with a team. Or you might choose your local drive as the preferred Save As location because you’re the point person for the file and its contents or the information is confidential.

To set your preferred Save As location, select Local Drive and then click Browse to select the location, or input the location in the text box. If you’re using a cloud storage system, select Cloud Storage and choose the desired cloud service.

If you set a cloud storage option and then need to remove the Save As location, simply select Local Drive and leave the text box blank.

Each Save As option gives you ways to customize how your PDF files are saved and streamline your processes at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Best ways to save your PDF files using Foxit PDF Editor

  1. AdrianAdrian

    Hi Brad,

    I think there is a major issue with Foxit “save as” function.

    Open several docs from scanner, all pdf format.
    Need to save them all in single folder, under different names
    I choose the folder. Save one file
    Second and all further files – “Save As” does NOT point at the last chosen folder
    Have to fight through several sub sub folders every time.

    Could you please check into why this functionality got lost?

    Best Regards


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