5 reasons to use PDF software

If you share files with others, and especially if you need to keep content secure, you should be using PDF software. If you haven’t already done so, here are five top reasons you should make this move ASAP:

1. PDF software is universal

When you create a document in a word processor, anyone who wants to open that file needs to have the same software you have, and the same fonts. If they don’t, they can try to convert the file but that usually makes a mess of the layout and formatting. Even slightly different versions of the same program (like Word), or Mac vs. PC versions cause problems.

PDF documents have no such restrictions. You create the document in your PDF software and anyone with a PDF reader is able to open and read your document.

2. PDF software offers security

Common word processors allow you to encrypt and password-protect documents, but that’s where the security ends.

PDF software lets you build rights management into the file as well. You can lock a file down and grant permission to certain people. You can prevent specific people from editing or printing while allowing this capability for other users. You can encrypt the document’s contents. You can even redact information that may be sensitive and grant rights for who sees the redacted content and who doesn’t.

3. PDF files are searchable

If you want to search for specific content in a file created with a word processor, you need to use the find and replace tool. While effective, it’s not really efficient. PDF software allows you to create fully searchable documents that tell you how many instances of the search string appear in the content and give you the means to navigate between them. You can even search a table of contents that links to the content you’re looking for.

4. PDF files are accessible

If you need to create a document for a government agency, or a company that does business with a government agency, then you may need to ensure that your documents follow accessibility guidelines for people with disabilities. PDF software has tools that allow you to check for accessibility issues and fix any problems that you may encounter.

5. PDF files are interactive

Using PDF software, you’re not only able to create documents that contain hyperlinks and images, but also different multimedia files such as video and audio as well. Additionally, you can build fillable forms that collect responses from people electronically, unlike forms created with a word processor that someone needs to fill out by hand, scan, and send back to you.

It’s more affordable than you thought

These are just five great reasons to consider PDF software for your document creation projects. Many people think that such features and power would cost a lot of money. It doesn’t.

Check out the features and low price of Foxit Software’s PhantomPDF. You can try it for free and buy it for less than you imagined. And just like that you’ll be producing and sharing professional, secure, platform-independent, searchable, accessible, interactive documents!

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