Render PDFs in browsers with no plug-in required!

Render PDFs in a browser with Foxit WebPDF SDK (no plug-in required!)

Did you know that Google uses Foxit technology for PDF viewing in Chrome? That same technology is available to web application developers in the Foxit WebPDF SDK.

If you’re creating a web app with a PDF viewer in it, our WebPDF SDK is your best choice because you can:

  • Enable users to view PDFs even if they don’t have a PDF viewer installed.
  • Create applications that allow users to view PDF files but not easily download them, providing a degree of security.
  • Easily integrate PDF viewing into web applications such as a company web interface for viewing internal PDF documents.

What the WebPDF SDK enables you to do

The WebPDF SDK (software development kit) enables developers like you to provide PDF viewing capabilities in web browsers without downloads or plugins.

You can customize the web viewing experience within the browser and include functions such as view, navigation, search, annotation, watermark, save, and print.

Meanwhile, users can view PDFs on any popular desktop or mobile device since browsers are device-independent.

They can also view the information online with extremely high fidelity, getting the same experience and capabilities as they would on a traditional PDF reader.


The Foxit WebPDF SDK has a standard package and optional packages. Choose just the packages and features that you need.

Foxit WebPDF Packages and Features

Foxit WebPDF Packages and Features

Users also get features comparable to desktop PDF software and PDF viewers, giving them the ability to:

  • Print, with or without annotations
  • Add annotation types such as typewriter, note, pencil, highlight, and underline
  • Search text
  • Use digital signatures
  • Copy and paste
  • Go to page (with shortcut key support)
  • Zoom in/out, fit width
  • Check document properties
  • Display bookmarks
  • Display a thumbnail view of each page in the document
  • Rotate pages

The Foxit WebPDF SDK is a high-performance and client-independent solution that reduces costs, improves time to market, increases customer satisfaction, and most importantly, gives IT control of document distribution.

To begin using the WebPDF SDK, contact us for information on licensing.

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