Using GPO Templates in Foxit Reader

To make things easier on system administrators in larger organizations, Foxit PDF Reader provides a simpler way for network administrators to install the software for users through the Foxit PDF Reader MSI file.

Additionally, it provides mass deployment and configuration options such as XML Controls and support for Group Policy (GPO) Templates. These features make managing and configuring the PDF reader software much easier for the IT staff.

What are Group Policies?

Group Policies, or GPO, is a capability of Microsoft Windows that provides a set of rules for managing and configuring user settings and applications within an Active Directory environment. Examples of things you can do through GPO are:

  • Turn off the ability for users to plug USB drives into their computer for increased security
  • Set default printers according to a user’s location
  • Enforce complexity requirements for user passwords
  • Prevent certain users from running specific software applications
  • Customize user desktops

Admins who have Foxit PDF Reader installed have the option to use built in GPO templates, both .adm and admx, to take greater control of enterprise-wide deployments and ensure the standardization of menu and configuration settings across all their users.  To take advantage of GPO, download the Foxit PDF Reader with Enterprise Packaging (formerly known as Enterprise Reader) from the Foxit PDF Reader product webpage.

GPO and Foxit PDF Reader

After you’ve deployed Foxit PDF Reader in your environment, you have the option of working with two different types of group policy templates. The .adm template is compatible computers running Windows XP and later while the .admx templates are compatible with Server 2008, Server 2012, Windows Vista and later.

To make changes to either template, open the Group Policy Editor on the desktop or server and choose the Foxit PDF Reader template in the navigation pane. You can edit and set the template preferences from here.

What can you use GPO templates for?

Some of the common configuration settings you can use with the GPO template in your Foxit PDF reader fall under the categories of customizations, security and management.

When customizing the PDF reader software, GPO allows you to determine which tools you display in the toolbar, which items to shown on the menu and even which languages to list under the official languages.

Security options include which encryption algorithms you permit, whether you allow users to view protected content in browsers, and other rights management services options.

Management tasks that you can control using GPO templates include changing the program’s name from the default Foxit PDF Reader, changing the settings of the start page and even controlling the settings of the software’s safe reading mode.

How to access Deployment and Configuration Tools

For more detailed instructions on how to use the GPO templates available in Foxit PDF Reader, refer to the Deployment and Configuration manual.  You’ll also find a comprehensive list of which items you have control over when using group policies with your PDF reader.

After you download Foxit PDF Reader with Enterprise Packaging from the Foxit PDF Reader product webpage, links to the Deployment and Configuration manual and other mass deployment tools will be provided on the following webpage.

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