Foxit Mobile now integrates with Microsoft Intune

Foxit MobilePDF Business now integrates with Microsoft Intune

If your organization relies on Foxit MobilePDF Business to be its business-ready PDF reader for iOS devices, your ability to secure corporate data just got better, thanks to integration with Microsoft Intune.

More than just a PDF reader, Foxit MobilePDF Business provides a handy commenting toolset and shared review capabilities, enabling you to add comments and participate in shared review for effective collaboration. It also lets you read and annotate Microsoft Rights Management protected files on your mobile devices.

Here’s how security of your corporate data is now enhanced with Intune integration.

How Microsoft Intune secures corporate data in BYOD

Microsoft Intune (part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite) delivers mobile device and application management.  To keep corporate information secure in the BYOD landscape, Intune enables your IT department to do things like requiring security on mobile devices, restricting the apps that can be installed, and remote wiping devices if someone leaves the company.

An app can also be integrated with Intune’s App SDK to “Intune enable” apps, which allows your IT department to use Intune to directly manage the application. You can set security features in an Intune-enabled app via policies that relate to security of your company data. For example, in an Intune-enabled app like Foxit MobilePDF Business, you can prevent a user from taking screenshots, copying and pasting text outside of the app, or sending data to another app.

You can even create policies so that data can only be shared between managed apps. In the case of Foxit MobilePDF Business, that means you’re restricting any data in your PDFs from being shared with apps that aren’t managed by—and subject to—Intune and the policies your organization has implemented.

What’s more, you can use Intune to manage mobile devices even if they’re not joined to a domain or brought on-site. This is ideal if your organization has a mobile or geographically distributed workforce.

What’s required to use Foxit MobilePDF Business with Intune?

In order to get the full benefit of Intune protection of Foxit MobilePDF Business, your company must have an organizational account and connectivity to your company’s valid subscription to Intune. For more details, visit the Microsoft Intune page.

To learn more about Foxit’s partnership with Intune check out our press release here: Foxit® MobilePDF integrates Microsoft Intune, the ultimate mobile BYOD solution.

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