How to recognize form fields and make them fillable in PDFs

Foxit PDF editor

This article will tell you how to recognize form fields in PDF with Foxit PDF Editor.

There are two commands for form field recognition in PDF forms: Designer Assistant and Run Form Field Recognition.

The Designer Assistant command automatically detects form fields that can be created on PDF pages and displays a blue frame where there is a suggested form field. By default, when you select any type of form field button from the Form tab, the Designer Assistant command will be selected and enabled automatically. With any type of form field button selected, as you move the cursor 1.png on the page, a blue frame appears if the cursor is hovering above an area which is detected as a form field. If you want to add a form field at that position, just click on it without dragging an area. And if there are multiple form fields detected, you can complete the form field creation with just a few clicks. (Tip: You can disable the auto-detection by clicking the Designer Assistant command again when you are creating form fields. Then the command will no longer be selected automatically next time you create form fields. To enable it again, select the command before you create form fields.)

Alternatively, you can use the Run Form Field Recognition command to recognize form fields through the whole document. To run form field recognition in a PDF document, do as the following:

1.       Click Form > Run Form Field Recognition. All fillable fields in the document will be recognized and highlighted.

2.       All the corresponding types of form fields will be automatically created and named with the text near the form fields. (Take the text fields for an example as below. With the Text Field command selected, you can see the form fields recognized and created are named with the text near the form fields.) 

3.       You can edit or delete the created form fields after right-clicking them. To edit the form field further, please refer to the instruction on the properties of “Push Button”. 


                                                                               The text fields created after recognition

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