6 Best Tips for Teachers Transitioning Back to In-Person Learning

After a year of socially distanced teaching through screens and learning the ins and outs of online instruction, students and teachers will be welcomed back to in-person schooling. Transitioning back to our physical spaces this fall will be a new hurdle teachers and students will face. While schools will be implementing new safety protocols to ensure everyone is comfortable, teachers must prepare their own new curriculum for student success.

The best way to have a great in-person school year is to be prepared. Both students and teachers will be entering a school year filled with new procedures similarly to the previous year with remote learning.

New school years are always hectic and with the updated protocols during this transitional year, preparation is key. Going back to school after finally mastering the ins and outs of remote learning can be stressful. With these 6 tips, you will be able to excel in the new school year with ease.

  • Rework Your Lesson Plans

Summer is a great time to review what worked and what did not over the past year. Figure out your best lessons and assignments based on student responses and continue developing them for the upcoming year. Begin to rework lesson plans that did not resonate with your students to enhance their understanding and excitement! With the incoming in-person year, try making your lesson plans more interactive and collaborative.

  • Prepare Digital Documents the Right Way

Ensure your learning materials are up to date and the most useful for you and your classroom. Continuing with your digital classroom from remote learning even after returning to the classroom will help you stay consistent and ensure your students are learning about the technical world. With the use of digital documents there is no tool more essential than a PDF reader. Using Foxit PDF Editor will strengthen your course material, distribute textbooks, and complete homework assignments within the classroom and at home. Check out our article about PDF use in education here.

  • Learn New Things

Students aren’t the only learners in the classroom-teachers are learning too! With new studies emerging, learning more about the best teaching practices and how to connect with students is easier than ever. Additionally, keeping up with the fast pace of internet trends and social media can also be a useful tool to engage students with your material.

  • Connect with Colleagues

Your network is your biggest support system! Connect with your fellow coworkers or read blog posts and stories from teachers across the globe to learn their best methods. Find teachers through social media sites like Twitter and Instagram or other educational platforms like TeachersConnect, Goodreads, or an educational radio. Teacher podcasts are also a low maintenance approach to connecting and learning from others!

  •  Set New Goals

Did you know writing down your goals and reviewing them daily actually helps accomplish them? This helps you visualize what steps you’ll need to complete your tasks and take action. Set your goals and create a timeline for the school year to stay organized and on track.

  • Take a Break

After a whole year of learning a completely new method of teaching, you deserve a break. Disconnect from work for a moment and spend summer with your family and friends. Recharging yourself through hobbies, fun experiences, and relaxation will give you new energy for the school year.

There’s no right way to be a teacher, but there are always ways to be a better prepared teacher! Spending some time over the summer to review and refresh will ultimately help you and your students. Setting new class goals and adding new technologies will help with transitioning back in person. With Foxit PDF Editor in your classroom, you will improve student engagement, help with attendance, and increase flexibility through PDF document use. For schools that want to commit to a successful remote to in-person transition our article here can get you continue incorporating digital schooling. Take your time, learn new programs, finalize your classroom protocols, and come back better than ever because you will make a difference in your school and classroom!

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