How to Create Paperless Assignments

The future of education is always evolving. In today’s world, technology and education go hand in hand. Students and teachers are using online resources more than ever with education’s increasing combination with technology. With Foxit PDF Editor you can add more digital documents to your classroom and improve your student’s technical understanding. Using technology in the classroom increases students’ abilities to find information and evaluate that information. This in turn also increases critical thinking skills and promotes effective communication habits.

Collaboration is encouraged as teamwork, open discussions, and mass amounts of information sharing are found throughout the digital world. It is important to encourage students’ use of digital documents and understanding of the online landscape. By implementing paperless assignments, you can increase students’ tech skills while keeping your environmental impacts low.

Here are 3 easy steps to creating paperless assignments:

Step 1: Draft

All good assignments need to be planned and drafted. Use Foxit PDF Editor to outline your assignment and figure out all its basic needs. What lesson topic does this revolve around? What value does this bring to your students? Will this be a short answer, long answer, multiple choice, fill in the blank, or another type of assignment? With Foxit PDF Editor you can draft a document as easily as you can in Microsoft Word.

Step 2: Create

Creating PDF assignments with Foxit PDF Editor is a breeze. After establishing what type of assignment, you are putting together start by editing your blank document. Learn how to edit PDF documents here. Add your instructions, rubric, examples, due dates, and more! With Foxit PDF Editor, you can also create fillable forms for simple homework tasks or fill-in-the-blank review sheets. Learn how to create fillable documents with Foxit PDF Editor here.

Step 3: Share

Once your assignments are ready to go, downloading and sharing PDF files is straightforward. Download your documents as you would normally and share them with your students through your classroom’s assignment system. Foxit PDF Editor can connect with Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint, and more-making sharing among students and teachers easier than ever.

Grading is also made simple with Foxit PDF Editor as reviewing and returning assignments will follow the same edit and share formats. Check out our blog post here about how to prepare for a digital classroom and for more tips about digital learning. With digital classes and technology usage on the rise, guarantee your students’ success with Foxit!

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