How to add a 3D object to a PDF page

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This article will tell you how to add a 3D object to a PDF page with Foxit PDF Editor Pro.

Add a 3D model to a PDF page (Pro Only)

With the Add 3D command in the Edit tab, you can insert a 3D model (in U3D and PRC formats) to a PDF page. You are also allowed to directly convert a .dwg file to a 3D PDF. 

To add a 3D model to a page, do the following:

1.      Choose Edit > Add 3D.

2.      Position the cursor on the place you want to add the 3D model, hold and drag your mouse button to draw a rectangle to define the 3D canvas. Tip: To draw a square, press the Shift key when you hold and drag your mouse button.

3.      The Insert 3D dialog box pops up. Browse and select a 3D file you want to insert. Then click OK.

4.      (Optional) Select Show Advanced Options in the Insert 3D dialog box to do more settings such as the activation and initial properties of 3D content.

The Launch Settings tab:

o    Enable When – specify when the 3D content is enabled/activated.

o    Disable When – specify when the 3D content can be deactivated. When a 3D model is deactivated, only the 2D preview image or poster appears in the 3D canvas and you are not able to work on the 3D content.

o    Playback Style – select a style to display the 3D model. If you choose “Play content in floating window”, specify the with and height (in pixels) of the window in the Width and Height fields.

o    Border Width – choose whether to create a border around the 3D canvas.

o    Transparent Background – with this option selected, after you insert the 3D model, the background of the 3D canvas will be transparent without any color.

o    Poster Image – specify a poster image to be displayed on the 3D canvas when the 3D content is not activated. If you choose “Retrieve poster from default view”, the default view of the 3D content will be used.

The 3D tab: Specify the Background Color, Lighting Scheme, Rendering Style, and the following settings as needed.

o    Animation Style – if the 3D content is created with animation, specify how the animation runs in Foxit PDF Editor.

o    Add Default Views – specify different model views and add them to the View pane of Model Tree as predefined views. If you choose Views from File, the views included in the 3D file you insert will be added.

o    Show Toolbar – specify whether to show the 3D toolbar. With this option not selected, after you insert the 3D model, you can right-click anywhere in the 3D canvas and choose desired tools from the context menu.

o    Open model tree – specify whether to show the Model Tree panel in the navigation pane.

o    Script – click Browse to add a JavaScript file that runs if a 3D model is activated.

After adding a 3D model to the page, you can adjust the 3D canvas by following the steps below.

1.         Choose Select > Select Annotation in the Home tab or other tabs that have the command.

2.         Put the cursor over the 3D canvas and the cursor changes into an arrow 1.png.

3.         Click and drag the 3D canvas to another place you like. You can also copy/cut, and paste the 3D canvas by right-clicking it and choosing Copy/Cut/Paste.

4.         You can resize the 3D canvas by dragging the sizing handles (small red squares) that appear at the corners and sides of the selected 3D canvas when you click on the 3D canvas. 

5.         You can also center, align, and distribute the 3D canvas on the page. 

6.         To delete the 3D canvas, select the 3D canvas with the Select Annotation command, and press Delete (or right-click it and choose Delete.).

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