How to add signature to pdf workflow

You probably know by now that Foxit PDF Editor allows employees to review, edit and comment on documents on any device at their leisure, that enables them to spend more time on work and less on admin. But how to add signature to pdf, you may wonder?

Now there’s a way to add that kind of efficiency into the process of signing documents.

Here’s how to add signature to pdf and it’s benefits:

Foxit eSign’s digital signature workflows make it faster to get sign-off

Foxit eSign makes it easy for staff to create, track, send, track and manage document workflows. Recipients can legally sign documents on any device at any time. Foxit eSign creates a seamless way of working for employees, vendors, suppliers and partners.

Simplify employee hiring while remaining compliant

For both the new employee as well as HR staff, starting a new job requires a lot of paperwork. Foxit eSign makes it easy to send and sign paperwork so that new employees can quickly get into their jobs. You can rest assured that all forms will be used correctly and signed as required.

Reduce time-consuming HR workflows

When you use Foxit eSign, your staff will be less likely to spend time on administrative tasks such as employee on boarding, leave forms, PTO management, etc. That’s because Foxit eSign enables you to standardize on the correct forms so that everyone in your organization uses the right ones.

Whenever employees sign into Foxit eSign and search for your organization’s Paid Time Off form, for example, Foxit eSign ensures that the one you mean for your HR department to use is the standard.

What’s more, you can ensure that all signatures are obtained by the correct parties in the correct order because Foxit eSign allows you to create rules that enforce who signs your PDF document and in which order. That way, you enforce completion and compliance as needed.

Making operations management more efficient

You can simplify the process of signing for your company’s suppliers and partners, and get projects off the ground faster, such as:

  • Vendor contracts
  • Orders
  • Lease agreements
  • Sales contracts
  • Operation management

Sign vendor contracts faster

Staff can burn up a lot of time managing contracts, while vendors have to deal with the process on their end as well. All that back-and-forth and the ensuing waiting game bogs down the workflow.

Foxit eSign makes it easy for procurement teams and vendors to fill out pre-filled forms, and then capture compliant signatures so that projects can move faster.

As you can see, when you take the paper chase out of getting sign-offs and approvals, anything that requires boxes to be checked and names to be signed becomes streamlined and efficient. Try it yourself.

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