Improve contract management with ConnectedPDF


Managing contracts is an every-day aspect of business—so much so that the amount of paper has become overwhelming. Which is why more companies are transitioning from paper to digital contracts.

Digital contracts are a major upgrade, especially if you manage them through Foxit’s ConnectedPDF. It saves money, is more secure, and reduces document deluge. Let’s take a look at how ConnectedPDF is helping businesses improve their processes.

Why ConnectedPDF-based contracts are superior to alternatives:

  • Save money—eliminating paper from the logistical work cuts down on administrative costs. In the medical industry, for example, a clinic that sees about 30 patients a day can save $400 to $500 a month on printing paper.
  • Consume zero physical space—companies that keep paper records have to invest in the physical space, filing cabinets, shelves, and folders to store paper records that may number in the thousands or even millions.
  • Readability and accuracy—staff can misread contracts due to poor handwriting. Staff can also manually input incorrect numbers, leading to miscalculations, incorrect orders, and inaccurate bills or payments.
  • Save time—one study suggests that nurses that switched to electronic records reduced their documentation time by 24.5%. Save time by eliminating the process of printing, copying, faxing, and physically transporting paper documents.

Grant, revise, and revoke access

ConnectedPDF enables you to send contracts digitally and get them back with an electronic signature. It also allows you to also electronically add comments and revise terms of agreements.

Even after making changes, you can always return to an earlier version, so you’ll never lose a previous document version again.

Plus, you can change access privileges any time with a single click – even after you already sent your PDF documents out. Those who accessed the contract previously will suddenly need permission in real time if they wish to continue to view, edit, or print the document, depending upon which privileges you revoke.

ConnectedPDF follows the footsteps of PhantomPDF, enabling you to drastically reduce document deluge and easily manage and organize documents sent to staff, clients, and third-party entities. So, as you can see, the future of the digital contract has never been brighter—or closer at hand.

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