Foxit Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of PDF

Foxit Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of PDF


PDF, a format that has revolutionized the way we handle digital documents, is commemorating its 30th anniversary this year. As a company that has played a significant role in the development and innovation of PDF solutions, Foxit is proud to be part of this milestone. Join us as we reflect on the past, consider the importance of PDFs, and look ahead to an exciting future.

Celebrating 30 Years of PDF

I remember when I started to work with PDF in the early 2000s. I was reading a lot of PDF documents at that time, and every time I clicked on a PDF link, I had to wait minutes for Acrobat Reader 5.0 to load. I remember feeling incredibly frustrated by this inefficiency, but at the time, there were no good alternatives.

Recognizing the potential for improvement, I embarked on a mission to create a better and faster PDF reader. This endeavor birthed Foxit PDF Reader, surpassing expectations and establishing Foxit as a leading provider of innovative PDF and eSignature products and services.

Why PDFs are important

PDFs emerged as a solution for the growing need for “digital paper” in the IT world. With their ability to maintain formatting across different devices and operating systems, PDFs became indispensable. PDF readers, often available for free, made accessing and viewing these documents effortless. Moreover, metadata facilitated document description and seamless exchange between IT systems, further enhancing their utility.

PDFs also established themselves as the preferred document format in professional settings. With a wide range of PDF solutions available, countless new documents containing valuable information are created daily. The integrity of PDFs, cross-platform compatibility, security features, and numerous other advantages have solidified their position as an essential component of the digital world.

PDFs help preserve information

One of the significant strengths of PDFs lies in their ability to preserve information over time.

By safeguarding text and images, PDFs ensure the availability and accessibility of digital assets well into the future. Foxit shares this commitment to information preservation, actively participating in further standardization efforts, such as metadata for high-value use cases. As a major sponsor of the PDF Association initiative, Foxit is helping to make PDF 2.0 (ISO 32000) publicly available, as well as contributing to the development of the next PDF specification.

These endeavors broaden the scope of PDF usage across various domains and verticals, allowing for greater versatility and innovation.

Foxit’s Vision and Innovations

At Foxit, our vision is to establish ourselves as the leading provider of PDF solutions, driving unparalleled growth and innovation in the industry.

Our PDF and eSign solutions empower knowledge workers by enabling them to accomplish more with their documents.

In our latest venture, we are integrating AI into Foxit PDF Editor, revolutionizing productivity and freeing up valuable time for businesses to focus on new ventures. Our PDF Editor Cloud + ChatGPT integration allows you to summarize text, improve your writing, and receive instant responses to queries, all within a powerful PDF editing environment.

Looking Ahead

The future of PDF software is here, and Foxit is at the forefront of this exciting evolution. As we honor the 30th anniversary of PDF, Foxit takes pride in its contribution to the growth and success of this revolutionary format.

PDFs have transformed the way we handle digital documents, ensuring compatibility, security, and longevity. With our continued dedication to innovation, standardization, and AI integration, Foxit is poised to shape the future of PDF solutions.

Foxit remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what PDF technology can achieve, and we are excited to embark on this journey together.

3 thoughts on “Foxit Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of PDF

  1. Tony McKinleyTony McKinley

    Dear Mr. Xiong,
    Thank you for your article on the history of PDF and origin of Foxit PDF Reader, I really enjoyed reading of your pioneering work. My book “From Paper to Web” (Adobe Press) first published on April 1, 1997 in both paperback and PDF on the Web is still available in its original PDF 1.2 format. It works perfectly in all modern browsers, including all the internal and external links, and it performs flawlessly when searching to take you directly to the pages with your search results. What a format!
    Here’s the link to the original PDF 1.2 version, originally published on my own NT Server on the Internet so I could demonstrate Verity Search and page-at-a-time downloading on 4/1/97:
    Best regards,
    Tony McKinley


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