9 Reasons to Use Foxit eSign for Salesforce

9 Reasons to Use Foxit eSign for Salesforce®

Electronic signatures are an important part of any business’s sales process. But getting your leads or customers to sign documents quickly and securely can be a real challenge. That’s why many businesses are now turning to Foxit eSign to Salesforce®. This powerful tool makes it easy to get contracts, quotes, and other documents signed quickly, securely, and reliably so your team can focus on what matters most – closing sales. Below, we’ll explore more about how Foxit eSign for Salesforce® can help your business succeed – no matter where you are, what size your business is, or what industry you’re in.

  • Easy Set Up: Simply download from the Salesforce® App Exchange, register for or login with your Foxit eSign login, and you’re ready to create, send, sign, and complete your important documents faster than ever.
  • Helpful Automation: Foxit eSign allows users to automate parts of their sales process that would otherwise be manual tasks such as sending out contracts or collecting signatures on agreements or forms quickly and easily directly from within Salesforce® without any extra steps or hassle involved. Users can merge data from Salesforce® objects like Leads, Opportunity, & Custom Objects, into quotes, agreements, invoices, contracts, and more, receive completed & signed agreements directly back into Salesforce®, create Salesforce® workflow steps based on document statuses to help automate signature workflows, improve organization, prevent lost documents, and much more.
  • Secure and Ensure Legality: Foxit eSign’s secure encryption technology provides increased security and compliance with industry standards such as HIPAA, eIDAS, ESIGN, UETAS, and more so that all confidential customer data remains safe, secure, and compliant always when being processed through Salesforce systems or third-party platforms like Foxit eSign’s secure server environment. Plus, Foxit eSign offers identity verification options such as KBA and MFA features through SMS and access code and partners with ZealiD for QES authentication.
  • Improved Scalability: If your business is making big moves or small impactful changes, Foxit eSign for Salesforce® can help simplify and improve scalability. Whether you need to send one document or thousands, Foxit eSign easily scales alongside you so you never need to worry about running out of space or resources while focusing on closing deals in Salesforce®.
  • More Efficient Workflows: Foxit eSign for Salesforce® helps businesses increase their efficiency by allowing them to electronically create, send, sign, track, and receive invoices, quotes, and other documents without ever leaving the app. No more printing, mailing, faxing, signing, or scanning required – saving hours of work. Receive completed documents directly back to Salesforce® and continue with processes without missing a beat.
  • Custom Document Generation and Branding: Ensure your company’s continuance in branding by adding logos, personalized text, customizing colors, using premade templates, and easily uploading your created documents directly into Salesforce®.
  • Accommodating: Not only does the implementation of Foxit eSign save time and effort for everyone involved, but it improves relationships with potential leads and current customers. By eliminating the need for paperwork to be mailed or requiring customers to come down to the office to sign, businesses can improve customer satisfaction by allowing them to sign when and where they want at their convenience.
  • Go Green: By eliminating the need for printed documents, reducing mailing requirements, and not requiring in-person meetings, Foxit eSign for Salesforce® helps businesses not only reduce paper waste but also greenhouse gas emissions through less travel.
  • Save Money and Stay Within Budget: With Foxit eSign for Salesforce®, businesses can choose from a variety of affordable pricing plans to fit their budget needs, meaning more budget is freed up for other goals and plans. Additionally, no long-term commitment is required, allowing businesses greater flexibility in the products they use.

In conclusion, Foxit eSign for Salesforce® is the perfect tool for businesses who are looking to simplify their sales processes while saving time and money in the process. By taking advantage of its features, such as digital document tracking, faster transaction and closing times, and smooth and collaboratively supportive workflows, businesses can unlock their full potential with Foxit eSign for Salesforce®. Try it today!

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