5 Reasons Why Partnering with a Single PDF Vendor is Best

5 Reasons Why Partnering with a Single PDF Vendor is Best

It’s best to unite your mobile and desktop PDF solutions on the Foxit Platform. Here’s why.

  1. Save time in the procurement phase

We all do it but not many of us actually enjoy time spent comparing vendors to find the best. If you had to do that every time you needed a new application, you’d wear yourself out. If you’ve already found a quality supplier like Foxit, it’s easier if you can stick with them for additional software you need.

  1. Faster deployment and staff training

Software from the same vendor follows the same style of usability. Similar controls and functionality means new features and applications can be rolled out, and your staff won’t require a lot of intensive training to get up to speed.

  1. Minimize compatibility problems

Since each vendor specifically designs their products to work together, on the same platform, there are several advantages for the user, including no double data entry, more cross-application features and faster processing speeds.

  1. Get new features sooner

Since you’re already running on Foxit’s platform, you have the infrastructure in place to deploy new features or applications from a lot quicker, without all the preflight checks normally required when taking on a new program.

  1. Improve vendor accountability

There’s an old saying that goes ‘one throat to choke’ and that can apply when working with a single vendor. In contrast, a multi-vendor environment can have you going from one to the next to get a problem resolved, with each vendor blaming the other.

Plus, partnering with Foxit gives you ConnectedPDF across all your devices

We’d also remind you that working with Foxit on all your platforms means access to ConnectedPDF.

ConnectedPDF helps you handle document deluge, aka, document overwhelm, by putting you in the driver seat so you maintain control of all PDFs at all times, in real time. You can, for example:

  • Keep track of who commented, copied, printed, or shared a PDF and when those actions were taken.
  • Decide who receives editing, commenting, copying, and saving privileges, and who gets viewing-only access. Recipients can also request for selected privileges. You may grant or rescind privileges at any time.
  • Deny viewing privileges in the event you send a PDF, confidential or otherwise, to the wrong individual or group.
  • Retrieve earlier revisions of a document.
  • Set expiration dates to limit the timeframe a PDF can be viewed.
  • Provide update notifications to everyone that opens your document.

How it works

A ConnectedPDF, or cPDF, still retains the look and function of your typical PDF, and works in all PDF readers. It just has a unique identification code, which can be embedded with a click of a button. All cPDFs are registered in Foxit cloud, which keeps a history of all actions taken on the document.

Foxit is your best choice

There might be times when it makes sense to use multiple vendors, but there are plenty of reasons to stick with one if they’re doing a good job of looking after your business needs.

Of course, if you’re currently dealing with multiple vendors, maybe it’s time you looked at moving to one PDF partner that offers a complete solution on a single platform across your desktop and mobile devices (including iPhone and Android). Make the switch to Foxit today and start enjoying the benefits of working with us.

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