5 Tips To Build Better PDF eSignature Workflow

PDF approval workflow

It can be said that document efficiency is the key to streamlining and maximizing work processes in practically any workspace. PDF approval workflow make approving requests and actions faster and easier. It also allows for completing contracts and sales, sharing information, and collaboration are key processes conducted via paperwork completion. Prior to the increased use of digital documents across many industries, paperwork for the aforementioned processes could take days or weeks to complete. And the paper trails were often difficult to manage, file storage was often a nightmare, and document security was questionable.

Fortunately, document digitization efforts in PDF formats are transforming the paperwork space.

Solutions like PDF Editor Pro + are very impactful for the following:

  • Faster document creation
  • Enhanced document security and integrity
  • eSigned documents for faster completion
  • Document standardization with templates
  • Improved document organization
  • And more

Each company is generally expected to define and implement PDF document workflows that work best for their unique needs. That being said, building effective and streamlined PDF document workflows tends to be at the top of everyone’s list. Below, we will identify and discuss five key methods in which businesses throughout various industries can improve their PDF document workflows for maximum usability and results.

Electronic Signing

Electronically signing PDFs allows you, your team, and your clients to take digital documents to the next level. PDF and eSign solutions, such as those from PDF Editor Pro +, enable you to upload, create, edit, send, and sign PDF documents – all within the same software solution. This capability facilitates faster approval and completion of your PDF contracts and form in just a few clicks, increases accuracy and reduces errors with signature and data fields, provides a more fluid and convenient signing process from anywhere, and more.

Go Mobile

Speaking of completing PDF documents from anywhere, utilizing a full-featured mobile app such as PDF Editor Pro + allows users to create, view, collaborate, share, convert, and sign PDFs while on the go. Truly, some of the best features of utilizing digital document workflows are the ability to initiate or continue document processes and collaborate with teams conveniently both in and out of the office and in the field.

Create Templates for your PDF eSignature Workflow

Creating and sharing templates can be beneficial to both a business and its respective clients. Templates can ensure that forms are correctly used and that the right information is collected each time for document completion and signing. Additionally, premade templates can save time for everyone involved by eliminating the need to recreate regularly used documents and forms each time there is a need. Simply create your template using an eSigning solution like Foxit eSign to reuse forms for signatures and other data collection and distribution.

Convert PDFs

So, we know that solutions like PDF Editor Pro + enable users to convert documents in XML, CSV, TXT, XFDF, and other formats to PDF.

But did you know that you can also convert your PDF to Word, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to Excel, RTF, HTML to PDF, text, and image formats to share PDF information quickly and easily?

This conversion option can be useful for uploading documents into systems that do not accept PDFs and providing information to users who prefer or require documents in other formats.

Protect Your Documents in your PDF eSignature Workflow

Foxit PDF Editor Pro + has built-in features that help users protect private and sensitive PDF documents. Easily restrict document viewing by managing user access, secure documents by adding PDF document encryption through password or certificate encryption, permanently redact text and images from documents, and more. Additionally, the document sanitization feature ensures that sensitive information such as internal comments, previous saves, metadata, and more are removed from the document before sharing.

With PDF Editor Pro +, businesses can truly experience better PDF workflows that not only streamline and simplify day to day processes but additionally promote faster contract closures and improved employee and customer satisfaction.

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