15 Ways Electronic Signing Boosts the Financial Services Cloud

15 Ways Electronic Signing Boosts the Financial Services Cloud

Foxit eSign for Salesforce® is a powerful app that can transform the way financial experts utilize Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud. When these two robust tools are combined – Foxit eSign and Salesforce – users will encounter a more seamless experience that: 

  • Unifies eSignatures with document generation, all in one budget friendly platform  
  • Enables effortless template integration and creation 
  • Streamlines navigation within an IT-tailored, user-friendly UI, optimized for productivity  
  • Propels your IT efforts to reach new heights with the industry’s fastest ROI 
  • Empowers your team in the field and on the move with superior mobile capabilities 

The Financial Services Cloud distinguishes itself from the Salesforce Sales Cloud in several important ways, including:  

  • Establishing financial account roles like primary owner, joint owner, beneficiary, accountant, and so on in order to properly assign ownership and roles to a client’s account. 
  • Providing a household data model so users can establish, view, and manage their clients and any related individuals together. 
  • Automating repetitive tasks and deadline management through action plans for simplicity. 
  • Simplifying and enhancing the process of tracking clients’ progress towards their financial goals, including savings, retirement, education, large purchases, and more. 

Just as Salesforce provides a better, more connected financial journey, integrating Foxit eSign elevates the speed, efficiency, and security of document management in the cloud; this reinforces a seamless experience for both financial services professionals and their clients when they sign agreements, sign contracts, and complete other important paperwork. 

Let’s dive into 15 ways Foxit eSign for Salesforce is reshaping finance industry operations while working seamlessly within the powerful capabilities of the Financial Services Cloud: 

  1. Client Onboarding: Simplify and expedite the client onboarding process with electronic signing and other necessary information being added to documentation directly within the Financial Services Cloud.
  2. Loan Application Processing: Sign agreements and speed up loan application approvals by sending and receiving signed loan documents directly within the Financial Services Cloud. 
  3. Investment Agreements: Facilitate the signing of investment agreements digitally, ensuring that clients can securely approve investments and transactions without the need for physical paperwork. 
  4. Policy Updates: Quickly disseminate and gather electronic signatures for policy updates, ensuring clients are promptly informed and can acknowledge changes with ease. 
  5. Account Transfers: Streamline the often-complex account transfer process by digitally signing and managing transfer documents directly within the Financial Services Cloud, minimizing delays and errors. 
  6. Client Reviews: Enhance client reviews by efficiently obtaining eSignatures on important documents, allowing for faster feedback and decision-making processes. 
  7. Compliance Documentation: Ensure compliance with industry regulations by securely collecting electronic signatures on critical documents, maintaining a comprehensive and audit-ready record. 
  8. Subscription and Investment Funding: Simplify subscription and investment funding processes by enabling clients to digitally sign subscription agreements and authorize fund transfers directly from their Financial Services Cloud portal. 
  9. Account Changes: Expedite account changes, such as updates to beneficiary information or account modifications, by allowing clients to digitally sign and approve necessary documentation within Salesforce. 
  10. Client Agreements: Enable electronic signing on client agreements swiftly, ensuring all parties are aligned with terms and conditions, and maintaining an organized digital record of agreements. 
  11. Workflow Automation: Sign contracts and automate repetitive tasks and workflows, such as document routing and approval processes, within the Financial Services Cloud, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. 
  12. Audit Trails: Maintain comprehensive audit trails of all eSignatures and document transactions, providing transparency, accountability, and a secure record for compliance and regulatory purposes. 
  13. Mobile Accessibility: Empower finance professionals and clients to access and sign documents securely from their mobile devices, ensuring flexibility and convenience. 
  14. Security and Encryption: Ensure the highest levels of data security and encryption for sensitive financial documents when electronic signing is needed, safeguarding client information and maintaining compliance with industry standards. 
  15. Seamless Onboarding: Provide clients with a seamless electronic signing experience by offering the convenience of eSignatures and document management directly within a platform they trust, the Financial Services Cloud. 

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