How to Use PDFs in the Classroom

How to Use PDFs in the Classroom

Learning in the classroom looks different for everyone. In a growing technological world and influx of online resources, teachers can utilize different types of tech to prepare their students inside and outside of the classroom. 

Education and technology are interconnected and one of the most powerful tools is PDF. Teaching students with this core technology will not only strengthen their basic understanding of documents, but also expand their learning capabilities. Students will learn to integrate traditional learning strategies and 21st century experiences. Using Foxit PDF Editor in the classroom will provide students with additional learning opportunities and increase their technical confidence.

Here’s how you can use PDFs in your classroom:

Create and Share Lesson Plans

Keep your lesson plans format universal with PDF. Creating lesson plans with Foxit PDF Editor is as simple as creating any other regular document. However, Microsoft Word documents can lose their original formatting when being sent to students and opened on different devices or systems. This format shift often happens when documents are shared in editable formats such as .doc, .xls or .ppt. Keep your lesson plans looking exactly how they should on any device by converting them to PDF with Foxit PDF Editor prior to attaching them to an email or sharing with your students. PowerPoint slides can also be converted to PDF ensuring universal formatting and prevents the need to install PowerPoint on each device.

PDF Textbooks and Readings

PDF readings are a great way to send shortened versions of long texts and ensure each student is adequately prepared for class lessons. PDFs are easily shareable and can be compressed to take up less storage space. With Foxit PDF Editor’s OCR tool educators can convert scanned PDF files and allow users to edit text, images, and pages of their scanned PDF files. The tool also allows for text search, making finding information faster. PDF readings are great for homework, online classes, or even inside the classroom.

Save Class Assignments

Need to save homework from all your students or simply by each class? Student work can be compiled all in the same PDF file through PDF creation and conversion. Educators can combine multiple PDF files and add individual work or separate instructions. This will increase organization for students and teachers. Foxit PDF Editor also connects with Google Drive, Dropbox, and more for convenient use.

Edit and Annotate Assignments

Like most documents, PDFs can be edited and annotated. When providing feedback for student assignments and exams, no need to convert to a different file type. Use Foxit PDF Editor to add comments and correct answers to student questions or homework. Once edits and comments are made, educators can return the assignments with comments and ensure that formatting and grades and unchangeable. Students can also utilize this feature by peer reviewing other students’ work and annotating their readings or notes.

With Foxit PDF Editor in your classroom, you will improve student engagement, expand technical skills, and increase flexibility through PDF document use. Keeping up with digitalization will also help students grow as learners. Ensure your classes are up to date by preparing your lessons and classroom with PDF technology learn more education solution. Learn more tips on classroom digitalization.

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