Why Using PDF Documents Is More Secure for Finance Departments

Why Using PDF Documents Is More Secure for Finance Departments

Most finance departments are required to adhere to specific security requirements and industry FINRA regulations. One of the key aspects of these regulations is the need for security when it comes to storing and sharing financial documents. PDF documents are the most secure format for storing and sharing these types of files. Solutions like Foxit’s PDF Editor Pro + provide the highest level of security for finance departments, making them the ideal solution for FINRA compliance and all other security needs.

Businesses have a lot of important and often sensitive documents, especially in the finance department. These documents need to be secure so that they cannot be tampered with or deleted, thus bringing us to PDFs. Below, we will look at several key areas that determine why the usage of PDF documents is more secure for financial departments than traditional paper methods.

PDFs Are Read-Only Documents

One of the reasons PDFs are more secure is because they can be sent as read-only documents. This means that people can’t make changes to them without the proper software or permissions, making it much harder for someone to delete or change vital information.

PDFs Can Be Password Protected

Another reason PDFs are more secure is because they can be password protected. When this feature is used, only people who know the password details can open and view the document. This adds an extra layer of security so that only authorized people can view sensitive information.

PDF Documents Maintain their Formatting.

This is important for numbers and other data that needs to be precise. When this type of information is sent as a .doc or .xls file, it is easy for the formatting to change, which can lead to errors.

PDF Documents Can be Signed Electronically

This is a secure way to approve documents without having to print them out and sign them with a pen. Electronic signatures are just as legally binding as traditional pen-and-ink signatures, plus they are considered more reliable as the person, time, and location of the signature are easily auditable and cannot be forged.

PDFs are Tamper-Proof and Tamper-Evident

Another reason PDF documents are more secure than traditional paper forms is that they cannot be easily edited, forged, duplicated, or tampered with. This is important as it means that any documents that are sent out will be in their original form and will not have been altered in any way. Detailed auditing, such as through Foxit PDF Editor Pro + allow users to track any and all changes and a document’s movement and location at all times.

PDF Documents are Smaller and Easier to Share

Lastly, PDFs are smaller in size than other file types such as Word documents, making them much easier to store and share securely. They can also be easily converted into other file types if necessary, making them versatile and convenient.

PDF documents have many features that make them ideal for businesses finance departments, no matter the industry. As a business or individual, you are always looking for ways to secure your finances and protect sensitive customer information and data. Luckily, there is a way to ensure that your documents are more secure, easier to share, and difficult to tamper with – by using PDFs.

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