What’s New with Maestro Server OCR 8.0

Maestro Server OCR 8.0

Our brand new Maestro Server OCR 8.0 includes updates that will make document processing more effortless than ever before.

Scanning and paper-based processes generate high costs from re-keying data, manual data search, and the risk of lost or inaccessible documents causing legal compliance issues. Foxit’s brand new Maestro Server OCR 8.0 is here for all your high-volume document scanning and OCR needs. Maestro automates the OCR processing for enterprises, replacing manual document processing with fast, cost-efficient operations. Here’s a rundown of the features included in the update:

Even Greater OCR Accuracy

Maestro uses OCR technology to efficiently convert scanned paper and image documents into text-searchable PDF files. Already equipped with the ability to accurately recognize text in difficult situations such as with low-contrast or multi-directional text, using Maestro Server OCR is more accurate than competitive solutions and protects your processes from human error inherent in manual processing. The 8.0 update offers improved OCR recognition for word splits over line breaks, helping to reduce errors even further.

Advanced Auto-Tagging

Document accessibility is important to ensure your files can be read by people of all abilities. For screen readers and other assistive technologies to function properly, documents need text layer data. Maestro’s automated OCR automatically tags unstructured documents, to create more accessible PDF files and help you toward compliance with ADA, 508, and PDF/UA standards.

Touchless OCR

The beauty of automated processing is that it significantly cuts down on manual labor costs. Our new Maestro Server OCR 8.0 takes it a step further, as it can now be run as an unattended Windows Service, giving you more flexible options for running the software and freeing time to work on core business projects in the meantime. The software automatically processes files with OCR and drops them off in the correct folders, no supervision needed.

API Compatibility

If you’re an existing API user, don’t fret. The new Version 8.0 is compatible with Maestro 6.6 Server OCR API, so your environment can remain as is. Same thing, but better.

How to Upgrade to Maestro 8.0

Check for updates on your current Maestro program to upgrade to 8.0. New customers can contact us at [email protected] to get started with a free trial.

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