Easy ways to import and export data from PDF forms


Obtaining data from a PDF form enables you to utilize the data any way you want.

You can import form data from other file formats into a PDF form, or export form data on a PDF form into other file formats. You can also export form data from multiple PDF forms into a CSV file. Here’s how.

Import/Export Form Data

You can import PDF form data from FDF, XFDF, TXT, XML, or CSV files, or export form data into FDF, XFDF, TXT, XML, or CSV files.

Note that importing and exporting form data is only for PDF interactive forms. All the options for importing and exporting form data will be unavailable when you open other ordinary PDFs or non-interactive forms.

Import form data

Choose Form Import Import> navigate to where the desired file is, select it, and press “Open”. You will be prompted that the form data has been imported successfully.

Export form data

To export form data, do either of the following:

  • To export all form data to a file
    1. Choose Form Export To File.
    2. You will be presented with a standard Windows “Save As” dialog box.
    3. Choose a file format, navigate to where you want to save the file (e.g., your Documents folder), specify its name and click Save button.
    4. You will be prompted that the data has been exported successfully.
  •  To export all form data as a file and send it to others as an email attachment
    1. Choose Form Export Via Email.
    2. Choose a file format you want to export the form data to.
    3. A blank message with the created form data file included as an attachment will automatically open in your default e-mail program, and the default email subject will be “Data from [original document name].pdf”.
    4. Type the e-mail address of users you want to send the file and click Send.

You can also export form data to an existing CSV file by clicking Form Form to sheet Append to an Existing Sheet. In the Open dialog box, select a CSV file you want to append the form data to and click Open. A Foxit PhantomPDF message will pop up to prompt that the form data has been exported successfully and let you decide whether to open the file.

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