The advantage of using PDF in a Shared Review or team collaboration workflow

The sweet thing about PDF is that it’s a near-universal document. This makes it the ideal type of file for sharing and distributing remotely in a team collaboration environment.

Why PDF is advantageous

Peer-to-peer review is integral in many industries including, but not limited to, the academic, publishing, accounting, and journalism sectors. It’s always a tremendous help to have an extra set of eyes review your work and give you feedback and constructive criticism. This ensures you can polish your file before submitting it to management.

PhantomPDF Shared Review

Foxit PhantomPDF offers a Shared Review feature that makes it easy for reviewers to submit comments on the side. PhantomPDF gives you an enterprise-level solution where you can share PDFs with commenting and editing privileges granted to select personnel.

How you collaborate using Shared Review

You initiate a Shared Review from within PhantomPDF. Document creators host the review on a network folder, within a SharePoint workspace, in the cloud or shared with users via email. You can then manage document reviews and view the status of each one. Reviewers need only have access to a copy of the free Foxit PDF Reader or the Foxit MobilePDF Reader app available for iOS and Android users.

You can disseminate files via public cloud that users can access via desktop or mobile device. Reviewers can leave comments as well as respond to each other’s comments. With a click of the “share” button, you can send a link can to recipients with an invitation to review your file. In addition, there’s a handy “check for comments” icon that lets you browse through the latest comments, as opposed to wading through page after page to seek them out.

Remote teams are becoming the norm rather than the exception, which means solid team collaboration workflow is more important than ever. File sharing will likely be a staple component in this type of work environment, and the universality, annotation capability, and ease of authoring and sharing PDF make it the best type of document for distribution and reviewing.

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