PDF sharing is easier than ever with Foxit ConnectedPDF

This probably happened to you at least once: you inadvertently sent a PDF document to the wrong email address. Unfortunately, once you hit the “send” button, there’s no way to unsend, so you have to apologize, ignore it or perform acrobatics to retrieve it if the mistake could be catastrophic. Foxit ConnectedPDF is designed to address this type of occurrence and many other common challenges associated with daily office life where PDFs are concerned.

What is ConnectedPDF?

If you deal with PDFs on a daily basis, then you know the feeling of being overwhelmed by the dozens of PDFs and other documents that you receive and send. Some people call it document deluge. After sending that 11th PDF, you forget which PDF you sent to who, who sent which PDF to you, who made the last comments, which one is the one you need, and… the list goes on. Needless to say, your productivity is likely to take a hit.

One study, in fact, found that document deluge resulted in a staggering $267 billion revenue lost in the U.S. alone.

How ConnectedPDF combats document deluge

ConnectedPDF keeps you in the driver seat so you maintain control of all PDFs at all times, even in real time. You can, for example:

  • Keep track of who commented, copied, printed, or shared a PDF and when those actions were taken.
  • Decide who receives editing, commenting, copying, and saving privileges, and who gets viewing-only access. Recipients can also request for selected privileges. You may grant or rescind privileges at any time.
  • Deny viewing privileges in the event you send a PDF, confidential or otherwise, to the wrong individual or group.
  • Retrieve earlier revisions of a document.
  • Set expiration dates to limit the timeframe a PDF can be viewed.
  • Provide update notifications to everyone that opens your document.

How it works

A ConnectedPDF, or cPDF, still retains the look and function of your typical PDF, and works in all PDF readers. It just has a unique identification code, which can be embedded with a click of a button. All cPDFs are registered in Foxit cloud, which keeps a history of all actions taken on the document.

Try it today

If you’re all too familiar with document deluge, then now’s the time to put it in your control. Create your very first cPDF right now by visiting the ConnectedPDF website. To take advantage of advanced features, be sure to download Foxit’s PDF Editor.

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