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Maybe you have a price list or page about your new webinars that you want to upload to Twitter. But how do you distribute PDF documents on a site that only allows you to use up to 140 characters? It’s easier than you think.

1. Host your PDF document online

Since Twitter doesn’t host, you’ll need to choose somewhere to host your PDF file online.

You can use special store-and-tweet Web services like TwitDoc, FileSocial, or FileTwt to share your PDF. That is, as long as you’re comfortable allowing them to access your Twitter account and adhering to their restrictions for uploads.

Of, if you prefer, you can simply upload your PDF to a cloud storage service, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, or iCloud. The benefits? You don’t have to allow access to your Twitter account. And you keep control over when and how your document is distributed.

2. Copy the URL

Most cloud storage sites provide you with a link to your file. All you do is highlight it and copy it. Unfortunately, those links tend to be pretty long, which is a problem with Twitter’s 140-character limit. Your better bet is to use a link shortener.

3. Use a URL Shortener

Use services like,, or Not only do these services give you a nice, clean, shorter URL, most of them track how many clicks you get so you know your stats. That’s a nice bonus. Simply paste your long URL into their interface. Typically, that’s all that’s required. They give you a shorter URL as soon as you do.

4. Add shortened URL to your tweet

Add your URL to your tweet and you’re good to go. Anyone who clicks on it will get right to your PDF.

5. User bonus: no separate view required

Here’s something that’s really nice. Modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge have PDF viewing capability built in. (Shameless plug: Foxit provides the technology to Google for Chrome.) This means that users don’t need a separate free PDF viewer to view your PDF document. They simply click the link and voila! There’s your PDF.

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