Quick and easy ways to keep your PDF documents up-to-date

It’s no surprise that, in your average office workday, documents need to be updated. So there are several features you should know about when it comes time to update a PDF document. These handy features will let you do a lot of changing and updating right in Foxit PhantomPDF for Business, without having to convert or revert your PDFs to Microsoft Word or Excel first.

Foxit makes editing your PDFs an easy task, thanks to the editing interface that works just like a familiar word processor. For example, there’s no need to worry about disturbing the layout of your document as you make changes. When you edit text in a paragraph with PhantomPDF for Business, the text will automatically reflow as you edit.

You can use the advanced editing features of PhantomPDF for Business to undo and redo actions, add headers and footers, insert background images, link to web page and other locations in your document, and also add images and video. Let’s take a deeper look.

Undo and Redo
As you make adjustments to your document you might accidentally press the wrong button and change things for the worse. But have no fear: you can easily undo or redo the most recent action you performed.

Headers and Footers
To spruce up your PDF document design, you may want to add headers and footers that include text and images. This is a snap to do with PDF editing software like PhantomPDF for Business. And once you’ve created your document’s header and footer, you can easily update both.

Background Images
You can create the perfect background for your document pages and then add it to any PDF document. Choose an image file from your computer or just select a color from the menu. The editing tools of the program allow you to determine the opacity of your chosen background, along with its size and exactly which pages in the document will have the background (you can select all pages, specify the page range, or even decide to just do even or odd pages).

Add Links
Want to direct readers to a specific page in your document or to related web pages? No problem. Just specify any rectangular area of the document to function as a link. You can also determine exactly how the linked area will appear by choosing the style and color of its border (solid, dashed, underline).

Insert Images and Video
Make your PDF more engaging and interactive by adding eye-catching images and video directly into your PDF document. Once you’ve inserted images, you can easily resize them so they fit any space you put them in.

Feeling empowered to do even more amazing things with your PDF documents? Great! Happy editing, updating and generally staying on top of those business documents.

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