Produce storage-ready documents on smartphones with LuraTech Mobile PDF

Today, employees have gone beyond just bringing their own devices to work (BYOD). Now they’re using them to do everything from collaboration to snapping “scans” (aka, photos) and sending them as attachments to colleagues, vendors, maybe even customers. While that certainly speeds up information sharing and furthers their ability to work anywhere, it’s causing problems at the corporate level.

For one, many companies use smart recognition software to convert scanned documents into searchable, storable, digital information. However, problems with image quality of smartphone-scanned docs—including overexposure, skewing, and distortion—make it difficult for automated processes to read and understand the data. That forces companies to pay for manual conversion in order to best use these scans.

If you’re developing a smartphone app that needs to offer PDF functionality, why not offer a full-fledged solution? That’s what LuraTech Mobile PDF solutions is all about.

LuraTech’s comprehensive SDK quickly integrates award-winning scanning and file-compression technologies into your app, turning users’ iPhone, iPad or Android devices into high-quality scanners. These newly enabled BYOD scanners can create PDFs with stunning image quality, searchable text and compressed format. That gives users several advantages, including reducing bandwidth requirements,  lowering storage costs, and making transferring files faster and easier. 

Don’t reinvent the wheel

You don’t need to start from scratch and learn the nitty-gritty of document imaging specifics to add this functionality to your app. Incorporate the LuraTech PDF Scanner app or its source code and save valuable development time.

The app’s high-level interface with a smartphone’s camera performs on-the-fly quality control decisions and automatically captures the image. It makes the optimal choices for the important decisions:

  • Focusing
  • Scaling
  • Cropping
  • Brightness
  • Contrast

LuraTech App Framework SDK identifies the camera quality for any given smartphone and will compensate for hardware deficiencies with its ability, for example, to work in lowlight settings or with limited resolution. 

Fast and reliable for end-users 

While clients capture an image, your app will simultaneously process the previous image. So whether it’s a 4- or 40-page document, end users experience only a few seconds of processing time.

If a company accepts digital submissions for forms, you can use OCR to extract entered data and give them the opportunity to confirm the entry before accepting and converting it to a PDF. That helps them save time and money by ensuring form quality as part of their workflow.

Streamlined document management

Using the LuraTech SDK, you can ensure that end users’ iPhones, iPads and Android phones become more reliable tools for creating, sending, editing and searching PDFs. And that they become a seamless part of any company’s PDF workflow. Check out all it offers here.

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