ConnectedPDF in the company boardroom

PDF in the company boardroom – reviewing executive reports

Boardroom meetings have evolved quite a bit in the past decade or so. Yes, there’s still the usual briefings, taking minutes, etc. More corporations are integrating technology into the boardroom, however, and doing away with paper. With laptops, smartphones, and tablets the norm, one of the ways to move past paper is to use digital documents in the form of PDF.

Has your office made the transition?

If you’re making trips to the printer 10 minutes before a board meeting, then it’s time to consider an adjustment. By transitioning to PDFs, your business will immediately improve in a number of ways. Your office will save paper, cut down on printing costs, save filing cabinet space, and become more organized. And you’ll be more organized as well.

Here’s more food for thought: how many printed copies of a project agenda have eventually made their way into the wastebasket? It’s a waste and does no favors for your overhead or the environment. Plus, if there’s any confidential information on those papers and they’re not being shredded consistently, well, the problem is obvious.

Enter Foxit PDF Reader

Make a seamless transition from paper to PDF with the help of Foxit PDF Reader. You can create materials for board meetings in PDF or using document software like Word and convert them into PDFs. Supervisors and higher-ups can also access the same PDF and make edits or leave behind comments for suggested revisions.

The benefits get better with ConnectedPDF

With ConnectedPDF, you can save and secure documents in the cloud. Every member with authorized access can open the document on their laptop or on their portable device using Foxit MobilePDF Business. What’s more, with our PhantomPDF software you can change and even revoke access privileges in real-time, even if you’ve already distributed the PDF.

Need to revert back to an earlier version of your document? No problem. ConnectedPDF makes it possible to revert back to any earlier version, even the original document.

In the office, productivity is the name of the game. Maximize what goes on in the briefing room by making a permanent shift to PDFs and more specifically to Foxit as a long-term PDF solution.

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