Organizing PDF documents lets you get more out of your content

Foxit PDF Editor software includes a set of organizational tools that make it easy to use and reuse your documents. You can combine PDF files, split one PDF into smaller single or multi-page documents, rearrange pages, create outlines, add pages, remove pages, and more.

It all starts with a click on the ORGANIZE tab in the ribbon. Then your choices become apparent.

Need to add a page?

Just choose Insert. You’ll be asked where the page is coming from, such as:

  • A file
  • A folder
  • Your open files
  • Your scanner
  • The clipboard
  • A blank page

And of course, you’ll be given the option where to insert it in your PDF document. Choose each and you’re good to go.

Rotate, move, swap, and delete pages

Foxit PDF Editor gives you a lot of control not only over where you put pages or take them out, but how you orient them visually and what order you put them in.

Using the Page tools, you can:

  • Rotate pages left or right in 90-degree increments
  • Rotate multiple pages
  • Move pages around in your file
  • Swap two pages
  • Delete pages

Extract, duplicate, and replace

You can also extract pages from your PDF document to reuse them in another PDF document. Extracted pages contain not only the content but also all form fields, comments, and links associated with the original page content so it’s a truly complete page.

And of course, you can duplicate pages and replace one page with another in a single command.

It’s all about control

Since you have complete control over your document’s organization and content, you can make sure that the flow and presentation fit what you’re trying to say, the way you’re trying to say it. And that gives your PDF documents longer lifespans as reusable, combinable, flexible pieces of content.

To learn more about the organizational capabilities built into Foxit PDF Editor, check out this video tutorial.

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