Often-Overlooked Tools in Your PDF Software

Because PDF software has been around since the late 1990s, anyone who regularly uses a computer or mobile device has seen a PDF file. Those same people are also well aware of how we use PDF software to create documents that are platform- and device-independent.

As happens with many software applications that offer advanced capabilities, however, some of the more useful features of enterprise-level PDF software go unused simply because users are unaware of all they can do with these applications. Once you do have the chance to dive into all of the options available to you though, you’ll start to see how practical these features can be. So let’s take a look at some often-overlooked PDF software features that can make your workflow better.

Convert your document

Sometimes you want to allow other users to repurpose your PDF document in other applications. When you create a PDF, you give people the opportunity to convert that file to other file formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML, rich text format, text files and even image files. View our tutorial to find out more.

Collect data and manage data

Forms are a great way to collect information, especially when you use PDF software. You can create a form that collects data in text fields, radio buttons and checkboxes then easily share those forms via email, online or on your web site. Anyone with a PDF Editor has the ability to open the form and fill it out.

The best part is, you can collect this information and export it into a format that you can use with any number of databases or other software applications such as your company’s CRM or ERP solution. You can find more on what PDF forms can do for you by checking out some of our other blog posts on the topic.

Edit objects

Using the layout features built into PDF software makes it easy for you to enhance your documents with images, charts, graphs and other objects.

Did you know, however, that once you place those objects into your document, you can use your PDF software to edit images, add shading to objects and convert text to an object path? Some applications, like Foxit PDF Editor, even give you the ability to work with .ai files, aka, the vector graphics created with Adobe Illustrator.

This means you can streamline your workflow by using only one application instead of bouncing back and forth between two or more to make changes.

PDF software is a powerful document creation and management tool that allows you to do so much more when you understand the features you have at your disposal. We’ll help you discover the tools within your PDF application not only to make your job easier, but to grow your business.

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